I’m really excited you’ll be joining me for 7 days of yoga exploration. Before we get started moving our bodies, I want to talk about yoga props!

Thanks goes to B.K.S. Iyengar for this genius innovation. Props help adapt the practice of yoga to fit the body, and I am all about that. Body Positive Yoga is an adaptive, inclusive yoga practice, and that includes lots of props, pose modifications, and variations on yoga asana that you might not be used to!

You’ll see me use yoga props in almost every video, so I wanted to provide a guide to yoga props so you know what’s necessary and what’s fluff. In this first video, I’ll talk about why we use props, debunk some myths about yoga props, and describe common yoga props and what they’re used for.

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My yoga prop recommendations

I use (or have used) all of these props myself so I’m not recommending anything that I don’t totally love.

Yoga Mats


Wrists & Knees Stuff

Bolsters & Cushions



Honestly, any blanket or towel will do. Save your money! If you “need” a blanket that looks like it came from a yoga studio, these are nice.

Other fun stuff

I hope this review of yoga props was helpful to you! I’ll see you tomorrow for a yoga warmup that you can do anytime and anywhere. See you on the mat tomorrow!

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