Where do you find stylish, affordable yoga clothing in plus sizes? I get this question maybe more than any other! Let’s get right to it – here’s a list of my favorite resources!

Superfit Hero

Superfit Hero is a feminist, body-positive, woman-owned athletic wear brand! I reviewed their clothing here in a video, and my favorite thing about their leggings? They have POCKETS! Superfit Hero has hooked you up with an awesome discount as a Body Positive Yoga subscriber. Enjoy 15% off your order at Superfit Hero. Use code SUPERBPYOGA. View the collection



Lineagewear is an independent, woman-owned athletic wear company. Their leggings are handmade by real people in New York City’s renowned Fashion District. Each fabric is locally sourced and hand selected by the owner to ensure quality. Every step of the process is American made, with an emphasis on a small carbon footprint. I love their leggings and this company, and you can get 15% off your order with code bodypositive at checkout. View the collection here.

Body Positive Yoga

View More: http://robinsonimagery.pass.us/ambers-t-shirts

Not to toot my own horn but… ok, I’ll toot my own horn. I spent a lot of time researching quality, stylish shirts with extended sizing, and I think the Body Positive Yoga shirt collection is pretty darn cool. There are 4 styles to choose from and sizing to fit a wide range of bodies. I’d love it if you checked out my shirts here.


Manifesta is an independent athletic wear brand with extended sizing and even baby and maternity items. I reviewed several of their items here. View the collection

Old Navy

I’ve gotten some staple pieces from Old Navy over the years, and their collection has gotten a little more spirited, too, with some fun patterns and colors. Watch for their frequent clearance sales – you can pick up tops for as little as 3 bucks! View the collection

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant’s activewear game has really improved over the past few years. Their Livi Active line has a huge selection now, with some truly cute and stylish pieces. I also have to say it’s pretty exciting to see them using plus size athletes as the models for this line, now. View the collection

Torrid Active

Torrid has a decent-sized collection with lots of camo, neons, and coral. If you want shirts with quotes/sayings on them, they’re your go-to. View the collection

Sweet Legs

Sweet Legs is a Canadian leggings company that features lots of print options, from subdued to funky and loud. View the collection

Other stuff

When it comes to sports bras, the Glamorise Ultimate Full-Figure Sports Bra is my go-to these days. It doesn’t mush you flat, no underwires, and it’s still supportive enough for medium-impact activities. You can view all their bras here.

Kohls, Champion, and even Nike have gotten into the plus-size activewear game as well. Some of the pieces are frumpy, but there are a few gems in there – so check out those places as well!

Hope this is helpful! See you on the mat!