Hi. I’m Amber, nice to meet you. Welcome to Body Positive Yoga.

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Why Body Positive?

I’ve struggled with my weight and body image since my early teenage years. Growing up as a fat girl can take its toll. I have been on dozens of different diets, exercise regimes, and more trying to fit an ideal that was more about aesthetics and fitting in than actual health. The past few years have changed all that. I have (without really noticing) been on a journey toward health and self acceptance through making peace with my body, instead of fighting it all the time and trying to jam it into some mold that just doesn’t fit. Body positive is the best way I know to describe what my yoga is about.

I have used yoga to make peace with my body over the past several years. Yoga has taught me to actually be in my body, how to become mindful and aware of it on a daily (hourly, minute-ly) basis. Yoga has brought me to finally accepting some limitations, accepting the way I look, and deciding to work from there, instead of waiting for the ideal “thin” me to appear on the mat one day.

I have decided to be body positive instead of negative (or hurtful, mean, punishing, and rigid). I’ve decided to open to the possibilities of what might happen when I make the conscious choice not to hate my body so much. Decided to try moving it in ways that make me happy instead of ways I think I “should” or that will make it turn into a smaller body.

This blog will chronicle those adventures. Won’t you join me?