In today’s video interview, I’m pleased to introduce you to Virgie Tovar!

An image of Virgie Tovar. She is brown-skinned, fat, with long dark hair and short bangs. She lounges on a chair in a lush garden, with her head propped up on her elbow. She is wearing large sunglasses, bright pink jacket, burgundy skirt, and pearls. She's holding a champagne glass filled with what looks to be a mimosa. She looks fabulous.Virgie Tovar, MA is an author, activist and one of the nation’s leading experts and lecturers on fat discrimination and body image. She is the editor of Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion (Seal Press, November 2012) and the mind behind #LoseHateNotWeight. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Sexuality with a focus on the intersections of body size, race and gender.

Virgie is a huge inspiration to me with her activism (not to mention her amazing fashion sense), and her book is a for real game changer.

In this interview, I talked with Virgie about eradicating diet culture, the joy of moving your body, her Babecamp 2015, and much more. Check it out:

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