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Modifications for Garudasana (eagle pose) in a larger body

If you are in a larger body, perhaps you’ve groaned with frustration when your yoga teacher announces that the next pose is garudasana (eagle pose). The wrapping and tucking thighs and arms just doesn’t happen for those of us with bigger thighs, arms, or chests! Here are 4 variations for the legs and 4 variations for the arms – see what feels best in your body and create your own eagle combination!

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Valerie of Big Gal Yoga talks about her yoga story, diversity in yoga, and tips for beginners

Valerie of Big Gal Yoga is from the San Francisco Bay Area and is finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. You probably know her from Instagram, where she can be seen with her awesome asana practice. In this video interview, I talked with Valerie about her yoga story, diversity in yoga images, tips for beginners, the poses she loves and hates, and much more.

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