Even though sun salutations seem like the “default” warmup for most yoga classes, this sequence can be challenging for lots of different folks (for lots of different reasons). If you have a larger body and you are running into yourself, if you have long legs and short arms, or if you’re building core strength, you might have difficulty transitioning between poses while keeping in sync with the breath.

And especially, if you have tender wrists and knees, sun salutations can seem totally out of the question! Not so! If you want to practice a sun salutation without getting on your hands and knees, it’s totally possible with the power of props.

In this video, we’ll learn how to do a sun salutation without coming to hands and knees.

Using blocks to bring the floor up to us and create more space for the body, we’ll learn two transitions for getting from the front to the back of your mat (and vice versa).

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