You’re invited to a 5-day, 4-night retreat packed with yoga, joyful exploration of nature, my favorite swimming holes, camaraderie, relaxation, rejuvenation, laughter, body-positive discussion, and self-care in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

Body Positive Yoga Summer Camp

Lexington, Virginia
July 18-22, 2017

Summer Camp

This event is for you if…

  • You want to feel wonderful and free in your unique, imperfect, powerful body for a whole weekend
  • You want to be around likeminded, body positive folks who will accept you without judgment
  • You want to practice yoga, but can’t find a teacher that knows how to accommodate your unique body
  • You’ve tried yoga before but were frustrated or had a bad experience
  • You want to stretch or strengthen your yoga practice with a teacher who knows non-conforming bodies and can help you find your own unique way to practice
  • You want an entire weekend packed with body positive conversation, joyful movement,and laughter
  • You want to have time away from the distractions and stress of everyday life – either alone or with your friends to rest, relax, and rejuvenate
  • You want the ultimate summer camp experience
  • You want to meet your new BFFs in the Virginia mountains this summer

I’d recommend this retreat to a friend because it was such a nourishing experience – I felt my body and soul get stronger, I felt my intentions take a more meaningful shape, I felt refueled. Plus, all the lovely people there are so supportive and made me feel like I had found a new community.


I felt like my world opened up and I was not limited by my body. I learned to make my body work for me and it was liberating. I also made lasting friendships and shared a lot of laughs!


“I was pretty skeptical about what to expect, despite having signed up on a last minute whim. I deal with social anxiety and struggle to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to meeting new people. This was a great opportunity to challenge my own insecurities and do so in a supportive environment with other women who face the same internal conflicts.”

“Being in a community of intelligent, authentic and like minded, yet diverse women is exceptionally empowering. To know there are others out there that you can identify with, learn from, and share community with is so impactful and can be carried with you in everyday life wherever you go.”


The retreat and nature preserve is located above the confluence of the Maury and South Rivers on 250 acres of forests, meadows and hayfields. From our hilltops you will have a 360 degree, seven county view of the Alleghenies, the Blue Ridge and the interesting cone shaped mountains of Buena Vista. The view stretches on forever.

Authentic, rustic log cabins from the Shenandoah Valley date from 1775 to early 1900’s. The fireplaces are of stone or hand made bricks. Each cabin has an array of porches, decks, loft hideaways, queen sized beds, modern kitchens and baths. All have heat and air conditioning. Each cabin is wonderfully unique.

Deer, wild turkey, over 100 species of birds and much other wildlife inhabits this nature preserve. The natural world is just outside your window. Hike on the network of internal trails or stroll along the Maury River’s Chessie Trail on the old canal path to Lexington, history, art, restaurants and shopping.

Our mission is to encourage you to experience a slower, quieter, more connected time with nature, away from the hectic pace of the modern day world.


View a map of the location. If you are traveling by plane, the easiest route is to fly into the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport, which is a 45 minute drive from the retreat. Other options for getting to Heartstone Lodge:

  • Fly into the Albemarle Regional Airport in Charlottesville, Va., which is 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from Heartstone Lodge.
  • Fly into the Richmond International Airport, which is 2 hours and 20 minutes drive from Heartstone Lodge.

Meet Amber

Hey, I’m Amber Karnes, creator of Body Positive Yoga.

Yoga has been an integral part of my decade-long journey toward self-acceptance and body positivity – making peace with my body and helping others to do the same. I believe that through joyful movement and self-care, we can learn radical self-acceptance and positively experience our bodies, no matter our shape, size, age, or ability.

In my yoga teaching, I emphasize safe alignment and mindful transitions, and help you give yourself permission to honor the body you bring to the mat today, while also being empowered to learn about the body’s intelligence and power. I infuse my classes, workshops, and retreats with the foundational principles of inclusivity, agency, consent, body positivity, and self-acceptance.

I’ve been leading sold out, body-positive retreats all over the country and have been amazed and so grateful to see the transformations that take place when folks feel empowered in their bodies and confident in their minds and hearts. Are you ready to take the first step toward body peace AND have a fabulous, rejuvenating weekend in the mountains? Join me!

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This is your time! Take the plunge and have the summer camp experience of your dreams alongside your fellow body-positive, badass women. Can’t wait to see you!

“I felt more open and free than I’ve ever felt in my life. Never have I felt more comfortable with myself and my surroundings than I did that weekend. I’ve taken this sense of self-acceptance and love with me and have reflected on my experience daily. I’m trying to keep those good vibes alive!”

“Thank you so much, Amber, for organizing such an amazing weekend. The stars aligned and brought so many beautiful souls together in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I am so thankful for the chance to meet you and all of the other campers – what a wonderful network we’ve created!”

“I enjoyed this retreat immensely. The friendships I made, the yoga I learned, and the experience will stay with me a lifetime. My practice feels more my own now and I feel comfortable continuing what I learned and incorporating it into my current and future practice. Amber is a phenomenal teacher and makes yoga feel like a natural part of life. Your feedback and your guidance made me feel good about yoga and my body. Anne-Marie and Lisa were exceptional and I hope they come back next year. There help and their corrections were key in helping me learn and grow as a yogi!”

“I felt extremely safe and the modifications that were given were very helpful to my overall practice. Also, the physical adjustments were key to helping me understand what a pose should truly feel like and I feel that I can now get myself to the correct pose(s) more successfully.”

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