15-minute, completely seated chair yoga practice

The chair is my favorite yoga prop, hands down! One of my favorite ways to use a chair is by teaching vinyasa classes where we use it to “bring the floor higher” and change our relationship to gravity in each pose.

There are plenty of chair yoga videos online to practice with, but I notice that most of them still involve a lot of standing postures, getting up and down off the floor, or using the chair as a prop while standing.

I think it’s great to see any new resources for adaptive practice, but for folks who have trouble getting up and down off the floor, can’t stand for long periods of time, or use a wheelchair full time, the “chair as a prop for standing poses” classes don’t really work.

This new video is a 15-minute, completely seated chair yoga practice. It’s a great gentle morning wake-up or a boost whenever you might need it.

Want more chair yoga?

Maybe some of this sounds familiar…

  • You want to move your body but you can’t figure out a way to do it that feels good
  • You want to feel less pain in your body
  • You’ve thought about trying yoga but figure it’s not for you because you think you’re too big, too old, too injured, or too disabled
  • You can’t get up and down off the floor but you’d like to try yoga
  • You feel stressed and would like a way to calm your mind and feel less anxiety
  • You’d like to find a movement practice that supports the body you’re in now (not a crazy workout plan that you have to work up to)

If this is you, I want to invite you to join me on a path toward feeling better in your body, feeling less stressed, and moving your body in a way that feels nourishing, joyful, and free. I’ve put together a program for you: Chair Yoga with Amber Karnes.

There are 15 chair yoga video classes built just for folks like you who are ready to practice yoga in a gentle, affirming way. Plus audio recordings to help you relax and reduce stress.

Yes! I’m interested in your chair yoga program

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