On today’s podcast I’m talking to Dr. Sara Smith, Certified Wellness Coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Yoga Instructor, about pelvic floor health for plus size folks (and beyond). Sara and I attended yoga teacher training together and it was lovely to chat with her about this topic. She had a lot of plus-size patients coming to her physical therapy practice saying that their doctors were blaming their pelvic floor issues on their body size. This was super frustrating to her since folks of all shapes and sizes get these extremely common issues. So we wanted to bring this fat bias in the medical community to light and discuss this important health topic.

Here’s what we’ll talk about:

  • Common pelvic floor dysfunctions and why they are important
  • What lifestyle or diet factors contribute to pelvic floor health (hint: stress is a big one)
  • How certain foods or drinks can play a factor in pelvic floor issues (and how to mindfully observe this)
  • Solutions and strategies to take control of your pelvic floor health (and how yoga can help)
  • A downloadable, free recording for you – guided diaphragmatic breathing with Sara

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Notes & Resources

Download the diaphragmatic breathing recording with Sara

Pelvic floor diagram | Source

Diaphragm anatomy

Diaphragm anatomy | Source

Michelle Lyons, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and Instructor – https://celebratemuliebrity.com

Jenny Burrell – https://www.burrelleducation.com

Brianne Grogan – http://femfusionfitness.com

Sarah Ellis Duvall (not mentioned during the talk but has other great videos and info) – http://coreexercisesolutions.com

About Dr. Sara Smith

Dr. Sara Smith is a trusted mentor to bold, wise and caring individuals who have found themselves feeling stuck; lacking time, energy, strength and focus to care for themselves as they are busy caring and providing healing for their clients, families, and community. Through her multifaceted knowledge base, intensely caring attitude, intuition, and light touch of humor she guides her clients to find simple solutions to their most stressful and seemingly habitual problems so they can finally move forward with confidence and ease. She has a gift to help her clients reconnect with their own core confidence so that they can tap into their innate wisdom, courage, and strength to find balance amidst very demanding professional and/or parental obligations. She couples her professional education with her own story of heartache and courage as a mother of a son with a unique health journey.

Dr. Sara Smith is a Certified Wellness & Life Coach with a professional background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Yoga Instructor. As a Physical Therapist, Sara focused her studies in women/men’s pelvic health as well as chronic pain management. In addition, she has lead numerous mind, body, and spirit conscious workshops. She combines these modalities in ways that create EASY habit change. She has found that when we are not connected physically and mentally to our pelvis and core, when we lack physical strength and healthy “core” habits, we also tend to falter emotionally and spiritually.Sometimes the most obvious solutions are buried beneath layers of resistance, and Dr. Sara Smith’s beautifully designed programs and gentle intuition help uncover our core weaknesses and transform them into core confidence and strength.

Find Sara online: Sara Smith Wellness | Facebook | YouTube

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