Welcome back to your 7-day yoga exploration!

Yesterday, we discovered diaphragmatic breathing with a 3-part breath and today we’ll be learning to recruit our glutes!

Engaging the 3 muscles that make up the gluteals can help you improve your posture, stabilize your hip and knee joints, and relieve lower back pain. These muscles play an important role in the health of our lumbar spine, sacrum, hip joints, and knees if we use them properly. If we don’t engage our glutes (which is quite often the case), we get joint problems, back pain, and tight hamstrings.

Learning to fire up the glutes is an important key to a strong, safe, and stable yoga practice. Let’s explore some ways to engage your butt!

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Thanks for exploring body awareness with me today! Tomorrow, we’ll discover restorative yoga and how a passive stretch can sometimes be just what we need.

See you on the mat!

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