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Hi everyone, I’m Amber. I am the creator of Body Positive Yoga. Thanks for checking out my website. I wanted to post a little update since it’s been a while!

What happened to Body Positive Yoga?

Body Positive Yoga was an events-based business. Things took an unexpected turn in 2020 when the pandemic hit and I could no longer travel. I haven’t updated this website in a long time. The momentum of life is really something.

I’ve been spending the last 4 years supporting other solo business owners through business coaching and marketing strategy and helping the yoga community move online during the pandemic.

Now in 2024, I’m no longer making a full-time living as a yoga teacher. I’m rolling out some new work which includes the Pivot Retreat for folks who are reinventing their work, marketing clinics for solo business owners, a surfing retreat for complete beginners, a community called the Double Dog Dare Club, and a few more fun things too.

What’s next for Body Positive Yoga?

I still have my chair yoga program and yoga class membership online. I may still lead yoga retreats from time to time.

This site will stay online and I envision it being an archive of resources for students and teachers (I’ve got lots to add).

2024 is a time of experimentation for me as I find out how I want to work in the world, and come to grips with the massive changes in my life over the last 4 years (including a divorce after a 20-year relationship, moving house 4 different times, and lots more).

I hope you’ll follow along! You can learn more at or subscribe below!

Body Positive Rebellion

make peace with your body, revamp your self-talk, & banish self-doubt

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Have you had enough of trying to shrink your body and dim your light to make others more comfortable?

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your body or weight?

Do you wish you could feel free and unencumbered by the skin you’re in?

Have you heard of body positivity but aren’t sure if it’s for you, or how to get there?

Are you postponing living your “real life” until you lose weight?

Are you tired of the negative self-talk loop that constantly plays in your head?

If you answered yes to these questions, I created the Body Positive Rebellion just for you.

Learn to feel good in the body you have today.


What is the Body Positive Rebellion?

  • Body Positive Rebellion is a free, 6-day course (it comes straight to your email) where we’ll explore making peace with our bodies, revamping our self-talk,  subverting the patriarchy, and banishing self-doubt.
  • You’ll get 6 emails packed with real talk, audio recordings, video classes, printable reflection prompts, and more.
  • You’ll be part of a supportive online body-positive community full of folks just like you.
  • At the end, you’ll get a beautiful, free, printable workbook with everything we learned during the Rebellion!

What to expect

  • You’ll learn how to manage the Mean Girl Soundtrack (your negative self-talk loop) so you can shut it up and move on with your life.
  • You’ll discover some shocking truths about the diet industry and together we’ll debunk what “everybody knows” about weight and health.
  • You’ll learn ways to come home to your body and rebuild the body trust that diet culture has stolen from you.
  • You’ll discover ways to subvert dominant beauty standards and redefine your own measures of worth and value.
  • You’ll learn to trust yourself with intuitive self-care and figure out how to stop being a jerk to yourself.
  • You’ll learn about removing negative inputs, and rewiring your mind for positive thoughts.
  • You’ll also get resources for moving your body in a joyful way that’s disconnected from any concern about size, shape, or weight.
  • And most of all, you’ll be part of a supportive inner circle of humans who are likeminded and like-hearted.

this is for you if…

  • You want to feel good about your body, but you’re skeptical it’s even possible with your type of body
  • You are fine with body positivity for other people, but think you still need to fix something about yourself before you can accept your body
  • You’re sick of the dieting rat race and you’re ready to try something different (I’m confident another diet is not the answer)
  • You want to be in circle with likeminded folks who have had similar struggles with weight and body image who will accept you without judgment
  • You want to dedicate some time to getting to know yourself better, learning mind-body wellness, and self-love techniques that you can bring back to your everyday life
  • You want a community experience packed with feminist conversation, joyful movement, and positive, badass vibes
  • P.S. If you’ve joined the Rebellion self-paced email course or last year’s live course, sign up for this one, too. The content is all new!

This free course is what led me on my year-long journey to body liberation and ditching dieting for good. Highly recommend!


Ready to join the rebellion?

You’re in the right place.

Meet your guide

Hey, I’m Amber Karnes, creator of Body Positive Yoga.

I share yoga, mindfulness, and radical self-acceptance to folks all across the globe through workshops, trainings, retreats, and the Body Positive Clubhouse membership site.

I advocate for self-care, body autonomy, and creating a life where we can each truly realize that we are enough – just as we are.

Radical self-acceptance is at the cornerstone of what I’m about. I believe that through joyful movement and self-care, we can positively experience our bodies, no matter our shape, size, age, or ability.

Are you ready to take the first step toward body peace? Join me!

Learn more about me here

This is your time.

Every day you have a chance to choose self-love over self-loathing.

Every day you have a chance to rebel against the oppressive standards of worth and beauty that society says we should want.

Every day you can work to craft a shame-free life and banish self-doubt.

Join me in subverting the patriarchy, building unshakable confidence, and living out loud without shame or apology.

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Richmond, Virginia