Plus size yoga pants - Lineagewear leggings review

When I saw Lineagewear leggings start popping up on yogis in my Instagram feed, I knew I wanted to try a pair. I headed over to the site and was so excited that Katie, Lineagewear’s founder, offered plus sizes up to a 3x! The plus sizes were out of stock, so I immediately ordered a pair of sugar skull leggings for my friend Lisa’s birthday (she LOVED them as I knew she would) and emailed Katie to ask about when plus sizes would be back in stock, and find out about sizing.

Plus size yoga pants - Lineagewear leggings review

Katie was super responsive, and said that a bunch of plus size leggings were in production, and in the meantime offered to send me a pair to try out that they were testing in this new Splash Stripe fabric. I gladly said yes!

Plus size yoga pants - Lineagewear leggings review

First, just a little about Lineagewear.

Our leggings are handmade by real people in New York City’s renowned Fashion District. Each fabric is locally sourced and hand selected by the owner to ensure quality. Every step of the process is American made, with an emphasis on a small carbon footprint. Wear your Lineagewear knowing that they are ONLY made with good juju!

After building costumes on Broadway for a decade, Lineagewear owner Katie Pippin was fully versed in what it takes to make a stretch garment withstand the rigors of a sweaty performer abusing it on stage for eight shows a week. Katie’s work can be seen on Broadway in such shows as Wicked, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Spiderman: Turn off the Dark, Disney on Ice, and various editions of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. In addition to being a seamstress, Katie is an avid runner and hot yogi.

Katie is the perfect person to build the best pair of leggings ever, because she is a costume builder. This is way different from a fashion designer or seamstress. Katie explains:


Costumes have to stand up to the rigors of sweaty performers abusing the heck out of their costumes for 8 shows a week, with laundering in between each show. They are completely bespoke, are fitted multiple times along the way, and have to be WAY sturdier than regular clothing. We mention this to highlight the fact that Katie knows what it takes to make a high quality pair of leggings. A cute print is not enough- it has to stay put in downward dog, or during that 5k, or while you’re scaling that mountain.


Plus size yoga pants - Lineagewear leggings review

What did I think of the leggings?

I LOVE THEM. They are truly the most comfortable pair of yoga pants that I own. The fabric is soft and slippery, but because the cut is contoured, they truly don’t move around. Where I am constantly pulling other leggings up, or adjusting the crotch, I have not had to do that with Lineagewear leggings. The fabric is high quality, and very stretchy.

The leggings are high-waisted, with a waistband that can either be folded over or pulled up high. I like my yoga pants to come up higher so I don’t have to worry about stuff falling out while I am in down dog, so I choose to wear them higher. The pants come in three lengths – capri, ankle, and mid-foot. Mine are capris, but I will be pairing them with legwarmers and tall socks to carry me through the fall and winter.

My favorite thing about these leggings is that they don’t have a center seam, and have an angled inseam, which means they won’t ride up your crotch or give you camel toe. So even if your top rides up or you choose to wear these with a crop top or sports bra, you’re good to go.

Plus size yoga pants - Lineagewear leggings review

I can’t wait to order more of these. They come in some amazing prints. Some of my favorites are here:

Lineagewear leggings swatches

Lineagewear has a bunch of plus size yoga pants in stock right now, so don’t wait to order, or you might miss out! If you aren’t sure about sizing, email Katie and she will help you out! I am wearing a 3x in these pictures, but I may order a 2x next time. I have a 60″ hip, just for reference with your own measurements. But my recommendation would be to email Katie with some measurements or information about your body/fit and she will help you find the perfect pair!

Plus size yoga pants - Lineagewear leggings review

Save 15% off Lineagewear leggings

Katie has generously set up a coupon code for Body Positive Yoga readers! Take 15% off your order with code “Bodypositiveyoga” at checkout! Thank you Katie! Shop the whole collection, and don’t miss the handy “sort by size” feature on the right hand side.

I’m off to order some blue peacock leggings for myself, and also try one of the new headbands. If you try them, let me know what you think!