Greetings body positive yogis! I’ve received several questions lately about pigeon pose. Most of the trouble in pigeon pose seems to stem from one of the following:

  • Knee pain or pressure
  • The hip of the bent leg not grounding/touching the floor (feels unstable, like you’re hanging in your joints)
  • Uncomfortable to be on hands and knees to even set up for pigeon

I made this video to address these issues.

The main thing I can stress is that if you’re having knee pain, first prop your hip (as I demonstrate in the video), then try adjusting the angle of your knee by bringing your foot closer to your groin. If that doesn’t work, bring your foot closer to the front of your mat. Still feel weird? Try moving your knee toward the outside of your mat. Now adjust your foot again. Every body is different, and even from side to side within our own bodies, we are different. Prop first, so you feel supported, and then experiment!

Another idea is to try “dead pigeon” against a wall. You can press the foot of the lifted leg against a wall for more support and a deeper stretch (since you aren’t holding the weight of your leg as much). Keep pressing the bent knee toward the wall, away from your face.

Two more options I didn’t cover in the video are seated pigeon in a chair and standing pigeon at a desk or table.


Here is the cotton yoga bolster I used in the video. It’s about $35 and one of my favorite yoga props. This is the shirt I’m wearing, and if you’re interested in weightlifting, Lift Big Eat Big is legit, check out their blog and other kickass shirts (this is another personal fave). Oh, and my obnoxious purple pants are from Athleta (size 2x). They are super high quality and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

What do you think?

Thanks for your patience as I figure out my video and audio setup. Still not happy with it, but working towards decent! Did any of the modifications work for you? Do you have another pigeon that we should all try? Tell me in the comments!