You can build
confidence &
live your life
out loud.

The Body Positive Clubhouse
is a roadmap to making peace
with your body. It’s your home
for discovering your strength,
rebuilding body trust, and
learning to live without
shame or apology.

Hey. I’m Amber. Nice to meet ya. Can I tell you something? Since my teen years I’ve been fat (curvy, plus-size, round-bodied).

And for so many years, I hated my body. I was disconnected from it. I saw my body as my enemy and tried for years to control it by dieting or punish it through disordered eating.

I felt as if my body was wrong and somehow had nothing to do with the “real me”.

I was postponing my “real life” until I lost weight. Then I could be myself. Only then I could have permission to go on dates, enjoy time at the beach, make bold moves in my career, stand up for myself, and live out loud.

Then in my early 20s, something magical happened. I went to a yoga class.

(Yeah, a yoga class. Stick with me here.)

I didn’t know anything about yoga. I heard of it through a weight-loss program at my gym. I didn’t think fat people were supposed to do yoga, but I went anyway. I don’t remember much about what we did in the class, I just remember being the biggest person there.

But what stuck with me was this: I got in my car, started driving home, and about 10 minutes into the drive, my Mean Girl Soundtrack started back up.

Maybe you have one of these. It’s this mean little voice in your head that never shuts up that says, “You’re ugly, you’re fat, you’re stupid. Why did you say that thing? Everyone is mad at you. You’re a loser.”

So I realized, if my negative self-talk loop started back up, that meant it had stopped.

My negative self-talk loop had stopped. Even if it was just for a few minutes? That was a big deal.

I decided to go back to the yoga class to see if that’s why it had happened. And sure enough, I noticed that when I would go to yoga, do the moves, do the breathing, and focus on staying present, my mind would quiet down.

I felt like it took me down a frequency.

I’m super type-A, perfectionistic, overanalyze everything, and tend to never slow down. I’d struggled with anxiety, depression, and disordered eating for years, and this was like a miracle balm.

I couldn’t have articulated it then, but I know now that what happened was that I was in my body for the first time since I was a kid. Really truly present in my body.

At yoga, I discovered that it actually did feel pretty good to move my body. And my body was good at yoga. Sure there were some shapes that the teacher asked me to make that just were not happening. But for the most part, when I’d practice, I would leave class feeling calm, grounded, and sure of myself.

In these yoga classes, I got to know my body. I became comfortable touching and moving my flesh—my skin, fat, fascia, muscles, and the bones underneath.

I became more physically fluent in my body. And that changed everything.

When your body is the opposite of what society says is worthy or good, it can be painful, disorienting, and difficult to spend too much time really inhabiting your (imperfect, human) body. Mindful movement made me more physically certain of myself.

Yes, my body got stronger. Yes, I learned to make the shapes that the teacher was asking for, and I learned to move with intention. But my mind got stronger as well. My yoga practice made me know in my bones that my body was a powerful, good, and safe place to be.

The practices of yoga and mindfulness led me down a path of radical self-acceptance. I discovered the movements of fat acceptance and body positivity and found the wellness paradigm of Health at Every Size. Eventually I quit dieting and gave up intentional weight loss altogether.

I discovered that my thoughts about body size had not come from a place of truth, but from society’s expectations and narrowly defined beauty standards.

Lots of us are postponing “living our real life” until we lose weight, have our degree, get a better job, or have a relationship.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Is this you?

  • You know you can’t live up to impossible beauty standards
  • You want to feel good in your own skin and go back to how your body felt when you were younger
  • You’ve been putting important things off until you lose weight
  • You’re okay with the concept of self-acceptance for others, but you still think you need to change some things first before you can accept yourself
  • You’re gripped by negative self-talk, body dissatisfaction, and you wish you could just quiet the mean voices in your head
  • You feel limited by your body‘s size or abilities
  • You want to make peace with your body but you don’t know the way to get there

I’ve got really good news for you.

There’s a better way.

Are you ready to break free, be a body-positive rebel, and claim the space you take up in the world?

Through the practices of yoga, mindfulness, and radical self-acceptance, you can reframe your thoughts that are telling you that your body is the thing that’s holding you back from your dreams.

I can show you the steps I took to make a radical change to my life. 

I’ve learned to stop hating my body, to accept every part of myself, and to stand in my power and claim the space I take up in the world.

Nowadays, I’m feeling good in my body, making bold moves in my life and career, and asking for what I want in life (and getting it).

I can help you find your path on this radical roadmap. I’m not going to lie to you, this life-changing work is challenging. But I know that you have it in you to find your path to body freedom.

  • You’ll feel empowered to ask for that promotion, go on that date, and enjoy time at the beach (whatever it is you’re putting off “until”).
  • You’ll be able to stand up for yourself when you need to. You’ll know who you are and what you want in life, and you’ll be able to go for it.

There is a better roadmap that already exists. And it’s got nothing to do with changing your body or fitting into some arbitrary beauty standard. Wanna travel there with me?

Let’s make a ruckus together.

I’m Amber Karnes. I’m a yoga teacher, ruckus maker, social justice advocate, and the founder of Body Positive Yoga.

I’ve made it my life’s work to help folks just like you build unshakable confidence using the tools of yoga, mindfulness, and self-acceptance.

And I want to invite you to join me on the path to making peace with the body you have today. 

This roadmap is called the Body Positive Clubhouse.

What is the Body Positive Clubhouse?

The Body Positive Clubhouse is a monthly membership to a vault of online body positivity, self-acceptance, and yoga resources, including:

  • Workshops about body peace, Health at Every Size, dealing with anxiety and stress, building confidence, and more
  • Over 100 yoga class practice videos from 5-45 minutes long that will teach you how to adapt the practice of yoga to your unique body
  • Dozens of writings and video talks about body positivity and self-acceptance related to the theme for the month that I don’t publish anywhere else
  • Guided audio recordings of meditation or breathwork exercises
  • Reflection prompts to deepen your learning
  • Inspirational wallpaper for your phone or computer
  • And more

All of the resources, tools, and techniques in the Body Positive Clubhouse are designed to inspire and empower you to live your life out loud, without shame or apology.

I never would have had the confidence before…

“Before I joined the Body Positive Clubhouse I never believed yoga was something I could do. I didn’t think my large body would be able to move in the way needed to reach the poses. But now I practice yoga everyday and am documenting my journey with raw photos. Without the Body Positive Clubhouse I never would have had the confidence to try yoga let alone share pictures of myself practicing.”


Body Positive Clubhouse Member

You Belong Here

Ready to claim the space you take up in the world and on the yoga mat?
Body Positive Yoga is for you.

I make better choices in regards to food and life

“I have noticed myself responding not reacting so much & when I do react to situations quite often (not always!) I recognise that I’m reacting & I can tell myself to calm down and take a pause. Brilliant!

And even if I only do a short practice…my body says thank you & sings for a while afterwards. When I’m practicing consistently I make better choices in regard to food & other life things. And that’s a big win!”


Body Positive Clubhouse Member

Your chair practices are incredible

“I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your chair practice videos. I recently fractured my foot and was worried I couldn’t move my body until it was done healing. But your chair practices are incredible. My body feels wonderful, but my foot is safe. Thank you so, so much.”


Body Positive Clubhouse Member

I feel like I’m doing yoga with a friend…

“Before I joined the Body Positive Clubhouse and went on a yoga retreat with Amber I was unable to sustain a consistent yoga practice.

But now I feel eager to get on the mat and kick off my day with empowering movement and grounding practices.

I feel like I’m doing yoga with a friend when working with Amber.”


Body Positive Clubhouse Member

Our ideal members are:


If you’re not satisfied with the status quo that says you must be thin to be happy, you’re in the right place. If you’ve seen other folks embrace radical self-acceptance and reject stigma and shame, and you’re ready to take steps toward living out loud, you belong here.

The Body Positive Clubhouse is all about learning tools and techniques from mindfulness to yoga to reframing thoughts, and learning to implement them into your life in a real way that will help you to confidently claim the space you take up in the world.


If you’re curious about the practice of yoga but aren’t sure if you have a “yoga body”, are intimidated to step into a yoga studio, or just aren’t sure how to get started, I can help you begin the right way. Maybe you’ve even been to a yoga studio and the teacher just ignored you or singled you out.

You won’t encounter that here. With mindful sequences, step-by-step yoga pose breakdowns, and instruction on props, modifications, and adaptations, you’ll learn that your body is exactly right for yoga.


If you know that you want a way to move your body that feels good and makes you stronger, but you don’t want the punitive, image-focused environment of some gyms or personal trainers, you belong here. Body Positive Yoga is a movement practice that’s weight-neutral and body agnostic.

We embrace a Health at Every Size® paradigm of wellness, and the focus here is on what our bodies can do and how they feel. You will not find a focus on changing your size, shape, or weight, talk of “burning fat”, or judgment about your fitness level or goals.

This community is amazingly supportive

Angela“I’d recommend joining the Body Positive Clubhouse to a friend because it’s so much more than a valuable resource for yoga, and body positivity. The community is amazingly supportive, and I feel like I can consider Amber a friend even though I’ve only interacted with her through social media and email. This space has been such a blessing to my life for all that it provides.”


Body Positive Clubhouse Member

I realized it’s ok to start where I am

Aundrea“By joining the Body Positive Clubhouse, I have realized that it is ok to start where I am. I’m doing short videos and just taking it all in. I feel confident that I will continue to learn and grow in my practice because of the gentle guidance that Amber provides. I wish life was a Body Positive Clubhouse!”


Body Positive Clubhouse Member

I can’t believe how much relief and support i felt

Valerie Hesslink“Body Positive Yoga helped me discover that I was not alone.

Although I practiced yoga over 13 years ago, at that time I was focused on losing weight and many other exterior things… Time and life ceased this practice for a while.

When I landed on my mat again, Body Positive Yoga helped me grow in a supportive way. Although I did feel like the only bigger bodied yoga student in the room at local yoga studios, I can’t believe how much relief and support I felt by discovering Body Positive Yoga’s blog and videos online.

(Amber) not only addressed that sun salutations can be a challenge in a bigger body, (she) gave me some options to access this in my practice. Fast forward a few years, with this small spark, I deepened my practice and continued on my yogic path. I now teach accessible yoga!”

Valerie Hesslink

Yoga teacher:

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  • Save $39 with an annual membership!

Feel Great!

“Just did the hour-long practice and feel great! After a session like that, I always feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz when he gets all oiled and polished up at the Emerald City, everything’s moving again.”


Really loved it

“I just did the hour long class from the first month and really loved it. I haven’t done yoga in a long time and it was just challenging enough, without making me feel defeated.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the membership work?
  • When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the Body Positive Clubhouse online resource vault (200+ videos, posts, and other resources are waiting for you).
  • You’ll have access to all of your videos as long as you’re a monthly subscriber.
  • You can learn at your own pace. View all of the month’s materials as they’re released in the student portal or slow things down and learn as you go.
  • You can download anything you like, at any time.
What do I get with my membership?
  • Exclusive workshops about body peace, Health at Every Size, dealing with anxiety and stress, building confidence, and more
  • Over 100 yoga class practice videos from 5-45 minutes long that will teach you how to adapt the practice of yoga to your unique body
  • Dozens of writings and video talks about body positivity and self-acceptance related to the theme for the month that I don’t publish anywhere else
  • Guided audio recordings of meditation or breathwork exercises
  • Reflection prompts to deepen your learning
  • Inspirational wallpaper for your phone or computer
Can I see what the online portal looks like?

Sure! Take a tour with this video.

Is this community for women only?

There are folks of all genders in the Body Positive Clubhouse. While most of our members are women, we also have a few cis-men, non-binary folks, and trans* folks of varying genders.

All genders are affirmed and welcomed in this community. 

I'm not a yoga person. Will I be able to keep up with the yoga classes?
Yes. The yoga classes are designed by me (Amber Karnes, founder of Body Positive Yoga).

I specialize in teaching an adaptive, inclusive yoga practice for diverse body types. I have been doing this a while, in fact I travel the world training other yoga teachers how to work with students of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. I’m also personally in a fat body (I’m a US size 24-ish) so I know what it’s like to practice in a body that doesn’t just fold up in a tiny ball.

My classes are low-pressure, judgment-free yoga. We have chair classes, no-up-and-down-off-the-floor classes, restorative classes, and more challenging strength building classes. There’s definitely something for you here!

But I tried yoga and had a bad experience.
I get it. Me too. That’s why I became a yoga teacher.

I want you to know that if you had a bad experience in a class, or if the teacher ignored you, it’s not your fault. Your body is not the problem.

Most likely, the teacher didn’t have the tools they needed to help you take your practice into your own hands and adapt it to your unique body.

But I know how to help you do that, and I can’t wait to help you develop your own strong, stable, vibrant yoga practice.

Plus, I create the classes each month based on what requests come in from members like you. So if I don’t have what you need? I’ll create it.

I have a LOT of body limitations. Am I going to be judged?
Absolutely not. We’ve got folks of all different body sizes, abilities, and ages in this community. Many of us struggle with chronic pain, disability, injury, or limitation. We believe body diversity is part of normal human variability and that your body is not a problem to be solved.
I feel guilty spending time and money on myself.
Paying attention to ourselves is difficult, and lots of us have gotten the message at some point in our lives that self-care is selfish. This is some bullsh*t! I say, no more!

The coolest thing about body positivity and self-care for me is that in a world that tells us to hate our bodies and that our bodies aren’t worthy, that means engaging in self care is totally radical, rebellious, and revolutionary.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” -Audre Lorde

Putting our own basic human needs at the center of our lives is radical, especially for women, because traditionally the burden and responsibility for caring and raising children (and by extension our communities) is shouldered by women. This is even more true for women of color, who have spent generations in servitude to others or even as property. Self-care is a radical act.

Living for others is a quality so deeply ingrained in us, that it often translates into the complete abandonment of our own needs, which end up being less important than the needs of our children, partner, family, work, or community.

But self-care is a prerequisite for autonomy, so it is fundamentally important (especially as feminists) that we reject the patriarchal notion that women must neglect themselves in order to serve others.

You deserve to have this care for yourself. And the rest of us in the Clubhouse? We’ve got your back.

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” -Eleanor Brownn

I'm scared of letting myself down. And I feel phony spending time and energy on myself. I'm not sure I'm worth it.
I get what that’s like. I understand feeling like letting yourself down is the default, or that you might not be able to do this. I also understand that self-care can feel totally awkward and fake if you’ve neglected yourself for a long time.

I think it’s completely normal to have fears of disappointing yourself. The thing is – learning to trust yourself is a muscle you have to strengthen. The more you practice, the stronger and more sure you become.

My advice? “Fake it til you make it” is a completely legit strategy here. What you think about what you’re doing isn’t nearly as important as what you’re actually doing. And eventually going through the motions will feel natural. I speak from experience. It’s not easy but it’s oh so worth it.

You can experiment here. Sign up for a month (or just try it free for 2 weeks) and see how it goes. If you don’t feel any better, if the community doesn’t inspire and support you like I’ve promised, you can always go back to how things were before.

But I’m betting you won’t want to.

I don't think I have time for this.
You can spend as much or as little time working with this material as you’ve got. From a few minutes every day to a couple times a month.

But I get feeling too overwhelmed to take time for self-care. I am a solo-business-owner and have a wealth of responsibilities and demands on my time.

I have found the best way to be effective, efficient, and accomplish my goals in life is to intentionally set aside time to take pause, recharge, and build back up my emotional reserves.

You deserve this. If you are feeling the pull to join us, commit! Show up for yourself. Prove to yourself that you can trust yourself and your body.

You can set aside time to make peace with your body. Learn to cultivate movement and mindfulness practices that will help you come away stronger and ready to face the world.

We’ve got some tools to help you remember to practice and set aside space for it, too.

I really need this, but there's no way I can afford it.
I’ve done my level best to make this a huge value for the money (for the cost of one drop-in class at a traditional yoga studio, you’re going to get hours worth of classes and other content every single month, not to mention the 125+ classes already in the vault).

That being said, I don’t want financial concerns to be a barrier to you being part of this community. I do offer sliding scale and scholarship options for folks with financial hardship. Marginalized folks (people of color, gender minorities, and disabled folks) move to the front of the line when it comes to scholarship opportunities.

Please contact me to discuss by emailing

What if I'm not happy with my membership?

I fully believe that radical self-acceptance and practice of yoga have the power to profoundly change your life forever. I’ve created massive change in my own life, my self-image, and my body through these tools that I’ll be sharing with you. I believe in this program with my heart and soul.

That said, if you’re not happy with your subscription, you can cancel anytime. No hard feelings!

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Subscriptions to the Body Positive Clubhouse are non-refundable, and here’s why:

I offer a full-access, completely free 2 week trial. You can check out the site, watch (and download) as many videos as you want, and be part of the Facebook community. In 2 weeks, you can definitely get a feel for whether this is the right Clubhouse for you!

The monthly membership is billed month-to-month and you can cancel anytime with 2 clicks of your mouse. If you’re not sure if you want to commit for the whole year, try a month or two and then you can always upgrade later!

If you’re feeling on the fence about joining the Clubhouse, please take some time to check out my other FREE stuff: the Body Positive Yoga blog, 7-Day Yoga Exploration, Shore Up Self-Care course, Body Positive Rebellion, and my many free online workshops. If you dig those resources, then you’ll LOVE being part of the Body Positive Clubhouse.

Any questions? Send a note to:

What if I need help?
You being happy with your membership is my number one priority. Seriously. This is my life’s work and I am committed to making sure you get the most out of your experience here.

If you have technical issues or need any other help, just email me at and I’ll take care of you.

I hope you’ll join this inner circle of like-minded and like-hearted folks today! We are ready for you!

All the tools you need for radical self-acceptance

Lindsey“Body Positive Yoga is a game-changer. Amber is the teacher I’ve been looking for—inspiring, smart, intuitive, and grounded—and the subscription site provides the structure and inspiration I’ve been needing. The range of yoga practice video times and topics make it easy for me to integrate a yoga practice into my daily life.

But Body Positive Yoga is so much more than a series of yoga flows—from detailed explanations of the body and poses to simple modifications for a variety of human shapes, sizes, and ability, these videos truly make yoga accessible (and understandable) for everyone. Add in the mindfulness techniques, self-care tips, and supportive community and you’ve got all the tools you need to keep on the radical self-acceptance path.”


Body Positive Clubhouse Member

I highly recommend joining

“I highly recommend joining Amber and the community of body positive yogis. Why? The conversation. The community. The support. And above all, the quality and care of each of Amber’s videos.

Sitting at your desk all day? There’s a video for that. Stuck in a hotel room on a work trip? There’s a video for that. Looking for standing-only practice? There’s a video for that. Just getting started? Amber has you covered. More advanced? There’s plenty for you too.”


Body Positive Clubhouse Member

Are you ready?

By joining the Body Positive Clubhouse, practicing yoga, and using the tools of mindfulness and self-care, you can learn radical self-acceptance and positively experience your physical body.

Are you ready to take the first step? Let’s do this together. You don’t have to do it alone.