Online yoga classes
for the body you have today.

Make peace with your body, discover your strength, and gain confidence.

I’ve got some questions for you:

  • Do you feel disconnected from your body?
  • Do you see your body as the enemy?
  • Do you feel like your body somehow has nothing to do with the “real you”?
  • Have you tried to control your body by dieting or punish it through disordered eating?
  • Do you tell yourself you can really be yourselfwhen you’re thinner, have a degree, get a better job, or have a relationship?
  • Are you postponing living your life out loud?

I’m here to tell you it’s time to stop doing that. 


Stop postponing your life.

Discovering yoga was the first step in my journey toward radical self-acceptance.

Hi. I’m Amber Karnes.

I’m a yoga teacher, a ruckus maker, and founder of Body Positive Yoga.

My yoga mat is my cease-fire zone where I make peace with my body.

I want to invite you to learn the powerful tools of yoga and mindfulness and join me on the path toward making peace with the body you have today.

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What is Body Positive Yoga online?

Body Positive Yoga is an interactive, monthly subscription to online yoga classes that will teach you how to adapt the practice of yoga to your unique body.

Each month, Body Positive Yoga subscribers get:

  • A member letter from me with thoughts on the month’s theme
  • 4 new yoga (asana) practice videos from 5-45 minutes long
  • Writings and video talks about body positivity and self-acceptance related to this month’s theme
  • Access to this month’s challenge (mindfulness, a photo challenge, different every month depending on the theme)
  • Guided audio recording with breathwork or mindfulness practice
  • Reflection prompts to deepen your learning
  • An inspirational wallpaper for your phone or computer
  • Access to a members-only Facebook community And frequently the community will all join in for live webinars and yoga practices for each theme!
All of the resources, tools, and techniques available to Body Positive Yoga members are designed to inspire and empower you to live your life authentically, without shame or apology.

Who is Body Positive Yoga for?

Body Positive Yoga is for you. You belong here. Maybe you:

  • Feel like your body is wrong for yoga.
  • Want to learn how to adapt the practice of asana to your unique body.
  • Want to use the tools of yoga like mindfulness, embodiment, and agency in your real life.
  • Want to live out loud without shame or apology.
  • Heard about the transformative power of yoga in other people’s lives, but are pretty sure it’s unattainable for you.
  • Try every new diet or gym plan, but haven’t found one that “sticks”.
  • Worked up the nerve to go to a yoga class, but felt ignored or misunderstood by the teacher when you couldn’t get your body to form the shapes they were telling you to make.
  • Watch those inspirational videos of women in bigger bodies doing fancy yoga poses and wonder why you can’t do those things.

What they’re saying

“Thanks to your inspiration, I went to a yoga class yesterday. I was not sure how I might be treated—would I be found lacking, too old, too stiff, too round, too not cool? I went anyway. And the place was warm and accepting of everyone there, of everyone’s body, of any limitations those bodies might have. It felt great. I’m going back this morning.”


our ideal members are:


If you’re curious about the practice of yoga but aren’t sure if you have a “yoga body”, are intimidated to step into a yoga studio, or just aren’t sure how to get started, Body Positive Yoga will help you begin the right way. Maybe you’ve even been to a yoga studio and the teacher just ignored you or singled you out.

You won’t encounter that here. With mindful sequences, step-by-step yoga pose breakdowns, and instruction on props, modifications, and adaptations, you’ll learn that your body is exactly right for yoga.


If you’re not satisfied with the status quo that says you must be thin to be happy, you’re in the right place. If you’ve seen other folks embrace radical self-acceptance and reject stigma and shame, and you’re ready to take steps toward living out loud, you belong here.

Body Positive Yoga is all about taking the tools and techniques that yoga offers and implementing them into your life in a real way that will help you to confidentlyclaim the space you take up in the world.


If you know that you want a way to move your body that feels good and makes you stronger, but you don’t want the punitive, image-focused environment of some gyms or personal trainers, you belong here. Body Positive Yoga is a movement practice that’s weight-neutral and body agnostic.

We embrace a Health at Every Size® paradigm of wellness, and the focus here is on what our bodies can do and how they feel. You will not find a focus on changing your size, shape, or weight, talk of “burning fat”, or judgment about your fitness level or goals.

You Belong Here

Ready to claim the space you take up in the world and on the yoga mat?
Body Positive Yoga is for you.

Feel Great!

“Just did the hour-long practice and feel great! After a session like that, I always feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz when he gets all oiled and polished up at the Emerald City…everything’s moving again.”


Really loved it

“I just did the hour long class from the first month and really loved it. I haven’t done yoga in a long time and it was just challenging enough, without making me feel defeated.”

What’s included:


Lots of yoga practice videos from 5 minutes to a full hour. Mindful flows, gentle sequences, strength-builders, and restorative sessions.


Step-by-step yoga pose breakdown videos with modifications for different body types & abilities.


Emails from me where we’ll explore topics like yogic principles, body image, self-acceptance, living authentically, and more.


Integration: Talks on self-care, setting boundaries, and more. Bonus videos: on body image, practice how-tos, and tips & tricks


Guided mindfulness / breathwork audio recordings. Printable reflection worksheets on practice, self-care, mindfulness, and more


Access to a members-only Facebook community. Several chances to practice live with Amber via Facebook Live. A quarterly live hangout session with Amber

Practice is perfect.

Learning to embrace your body and build a consistent yoga practice doesn’t happen overnight.

With a personal online yoga class vault that grows each month, you can find your own rhythm and learn at your own pace.

Try it for yourself!

Take a 10-minute break and get on the mat!

What they’re saying

“Body Positive Yoga helped me discover that I was not alone.

Although I practiced yoga over 13 years ago, at that time I was focused on losing weight and many other exterior things… Time and life ceased this practice for a while.

When I landed on my mat again, Body Positive Yoga helped me grow in a supportive way. Although I did feel like the only bigger bodied yoga student in the room at local yoga studios, I can’t believe how much relief and support I felt by discovering Body Positive Yoga’s blog and videos online.

(Amber) not only addressed that sun salutations can be a challenge in a bigger body, (she) gave me some options to access this in my practice. Fast forward a few years, with this small spark, I deepened my practice and continued on my yogic path. I now teach accessible yoga!”


Get instant access & 2 weeks free!

If you’re ready to make peace with your body and take your yoga practice into your own hands, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us…

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  • Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
  • When you sign up, you’ll gain access to your personal online yoga vault.
  • Each month that you subscribe, your vault will grow.
  • You’ll have access to all of your yoga videos as long as you’re a monthly subscriber. Work through all of the month’s materials as they’re released in the student portal or slow things down and work on your own schedule.
What's the community like?

Body Positive Yoga is more than online yoga videos. When you join, you’ll become part of a supportive community of like-minded and like-hearted folks.

In our private, members-only Facebook community, you can ask questions, share struggles and triumphs, get feedback, and connect with other body-positive folks like you in a safe and encouraging environment.

And several times a year, Amber will throw a special online hangout session where she’ll answer questions and offer inspirations to make sure you’re getting the most out of your subscription. All these calls will be recorded, so you can watch anytime if you can’t make it to the live event.

What if I'm not happy with my membership?
I fully believe that the practice of yoga has the power to profoundly change your life forever. I’ve created massive change in my own life, my self-image, and my body through these tools that I’ll be sharing with you. I believe in this program with my heart and soul.

That said, if you’re not happy with your subscription, you can cancel anytime. No hard feelings!

If you cancel, we’ll refund the unused amount of your subscription after a brief chat so we can find out how we can do better in the future.

What if I need help?
Your satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have technical issues or need any other help, just email us at and we’ll take care of you.

What they’re saying

“Body Positive Yoga is a game-changer. Amber is the teacher I’ve been looking for—inspiring, smart, intuitive, and grounded—and the subscription site provides the structure and inspiration I’ve been needing. The range of yoga practice video times and topics make it easy for me to integrate a yoga practice into my daily life.

But Body Positive Yoga is so much more than a series of yoga flows—from detailed explanations of the body and poses to simple modifications for a variety of human shapes, sizes, and ability, these videos truly make yoga accessible (and understandable) for everyone. Add in the mindfulness techniques, self-care tips, and supportive community and you’ve got all the tools you need to keep on the radical self-acceptance path.”

Are you ready?

By practicing yoga, using mindfulness and self-care, and being supported by a community of others who “get” you, you can learn radical self-acceptance and positively experience your physical body.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Meet Amber

Hey, I’m Amber Karnes, creator of Body Positive Yoga.

Yoga has been an integral part of my decade-long journey toward self-acceptance and body positivity—a journey of making peace with my body and helping others do the same.

In my teaching, I emphasize safe alignment and mindful transitions, and help you give yourself permission to honor the body you bring to the mat today. It is my goal to empower you to learn about and embrace your body’s intelligence and power. I infuse my classes with the foundational principles of inclusivity, agency, consent, body positivity, and self-acceptance.

I want to invite you to join me and learn to live life out loud without shame or apology. I want to invite you to learn what it’s like to fully inhabit your body, to accept it and embrace it, to realize that you are already enough—right now.

Let’s do this together.

You deserve to do this for yourself. You don’t have to do it alone.

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