Manifest: a course about standing in your power


We are thrilled to have you here. Here’s what to expect from this course:

  • Every Monday morning at 7am Eastern (NY) time, you’ll get an email from us with a link to the week’s new content.
  • Each week, we will focus on two videos talking about the mantra we’ve each selected for the week, two asana practices, and two sets of journaling prompts and thoughts for further reflection.
  • You’ll be able to ask questions, get support, and meet other folks in the course by visiting our Uphold group on Facebook.
  • When the course wraps up, we’ll have some special goodies and other resources for you as well.

How to use this course space

Watch this tour of your student portal and discover the format for each week’s lesson.

Tools for success

To participate in the course, all you really need is your device and an internet connection to view the content. But to maximize your learning we recommend the following to set you up for success:

  1. Set aside time in your calendar each week to participate in the course. You can view the material at your own pace (it’s yours to keep, forever) – however we recommend making an appointment for yourself in your calendar. Set aside about an hour for each mantra. This will allow you time to watch the dharma talk, spend some time journaling with the self-reflection prompts, and practice the yoga asana along with the video. If you don’t have a whole hour, then set aside 10 minutes and watch the dharma talk and spend some time with the reflection prompts. Come back later and practice the yoga when you can.
  2. Keep a journal (or paper) and a favorite pen on hand to jot down any thoughts that occur to you while viewing the material. We also encourage you to spend some time with the “Ask Yourself” questions that we’ve selected for each mantra.
  3. Clear a space in your home to practice the yoga asana sequence to accompany each mantra. If you can leave your mat and props set out in the space, wonderful. Sometimes just having it set up and ready makes it easier to get on the mat.
  4. Don’t forget the community aspect! Join the Facebook group where we’ll be supporting one another and having discussions related to each week’s content.

Thank you for joining us! We can’t wait to practice with you.

– Kelley & Amber