Kelley Carboni-Woods on the Body Positive Yoga podcast

Y’all I’m so excited to bring you this podcast episode with Kelley Carboni-Woods (Peace Filled Mama).

Kelley is a creator, curator, yogi, wellness advocate, writer, natural hair stylist and business owner living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kelley says,

“I approach my role as a mother from a very intentional place, grounded in the belief that my children are human beings who deserve the same respect, love and compassion as any adult. My yoga practice is essential in keeping my own ego at bay as I navigate the fluctuations of temperaments and occurrences that come from having two small babies, running a business and working in my community.

I created the space because I believe that we all have a peaceful part of ourselves and we deserve to be able to connect to that place when we need to. As mothers, it can be hard to find that balance and to remember who we are. This is a place about remembering and connecting and being fortified for the big job that we have. We are in charge of the future, essentially. Imagine how positively it would be influenced if we are entering into that role from our best place, our most peaceful place, with all the love that we have.”

In this episode, I’ll talk to Kelley about her mindful approach to motherhood and how her yoga practice keeps her in a peaceful place while raising two independent little humans. We’ll talk about the importance of self-care and why it’s crucial, especially for women of color. And finally, you’ll hear all about Kelley’s book Manifest, and get a sneak peek into our online course and our 2018 retreat in northern Georgia!

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Buy Kelley’s book Manifest and the companion workbook on

Join me and Kelley on December 27 for a FREE one-hour workshop centered around harnessing our individual power to create the life we desire.

To learn more about the Manifest online course, where we’re learning to stand in our power in 2018, click here. It starts January 1, so don’t miss out!

To get details on our Breathing Room retreat, click here!

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