I’m really excited to bring y’all this video interview with Jessamyn Stanley.

Jessamyn is a yoga enthusiast and fat femme, and a huge inspiration to the online yoga community. You’ve probably seen her on Instagram, workin’ it.

Jessamyn in natarajasana. Jessamyn is a black, fat femme with short hair. She stands in king dancer pose, balancing on one foot, and grasping the lifted foot behind her head using a strap. She is wearing blue and violet peacock print leggings and a light blue, sleeveless top.

Today, I talked with Jessamyn about yoga as therapy, body image, diversity in yoga, haters on the internet, and much more. Check it out:

Media note: I talk a lot about being committed to accessibility in my teaching, but recently I got called out because I don’t make my videos very accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Point taken, and thank you. I wanted to let y’all know that going forward, I am committed to providing captions on any video that I create, better descriptive alternate text on images, and transcripts of any podcast. So if you see a media file, take a look. Captions are there. 

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