Body Positive Yoga Events

Currently, I don’t have any in-person events scheduled. I am greatly encouraged by vaccine distribution and will definitely be in line to get a vaccine when it’s my turn, but I’m not sure that by the summer things will be safe enough to host an in-person, multi-day event.

Your safety and well-being are my highest priority and since the vaccine rollout is varying so much state by state, this feels like the best decision for my community right now.

I hope by this fall we will have some indication on when in-person events will be safe for me to host. If you’d like to get on my VIP waitlist for in-person events, you can subscribe below. If you leave your email address here, you’ll be the first to know when I announce an in-person event again.

Can’t wait to see you all. Soon!

    Study with me online

    Accessible Yoga Training School

    Jivana Heyman (founder of Accessible Yoga) and I have teamed up to bring you the brand new Accessible Yoga School, your online academy for trustworthy, high-quality education and action on accessibility and equity in yoga.

    Accessible Yoga Training School

    This online school will:

    • Address gatekeeping in yoga by platforming the voices of underestimated and marginalized teachers
    • Address issues of white supremacy in yoga in all of its manifestations: racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, cultural appropriation, and more
    • Provide quality education around equity issues in yoga, including practical tools from trustworthy sources to inform your teaching practice
    • Offer this education in an even more accessible format: 100% online

    The Accessible Yoga School will bring you in-depth courses, mentorship programs, study groups, book clubs, and more, led by yoga educators from communities who embody and share the values of interconnectedness and liberation that are the heart of yoga’s teachings.

    Body Positive Yoga Resources

    Looking for a fun, affirming way to move your body? Want some support finding tools toward self-acceptance? I’ve got a few resources online that you might like:

    • Body Positive Clubhouse – my online resource vault with body positive yoga classes, self-acceptance pep talks, reflections, guided mindfulness exercises, and much more. It’s $19/month for access and you can get 2 weeks free to try it out.
    • Chair Yoga with Amber – practice chair yoga with me at home with this collection of 15 classes (8 completely seated), guided meditations, and more. It’s $39 and the videos are yours to keep forever.
    • Practice with me on Yoga International – check out my classes, articles, and course on self-care over at Yoga International. Just $14.99 per month, and you get 2 weeks free to try it out!