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Yesterday, we reviewed yoga props and discovered how they can enhance our practice to find more stability or freedom in yoga poses. Today, we’ll be looking at a yoga warmup that you can do anytime or anywhere.

Our bodies change day to day, as well as throughout the years of our lifetime. One thing I love about the practice of yoga is that we can use props, modifications, and variations on poses to honor the body we bring to the mat today.

An important part of the practice is learning to approach the yoga mat each day with curiosity and a beginner’s mind. Comparison is the thief of joy and that’s true on the yoga mat too. Instead of comparing our practice (or our body) today with one from yesterday, last week, or last year, we can explore what’s available to us right now and be grateful for what our body allows us to do instead of how it looks.

With that in mind, let’s get on the mat together and do a warmup practice. We’ll begin using one of my favorite props – a chair! Then we’ll move to the floor and perform the same movements on hands and knees.

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I hope you enjoyed this accessible, dynamic warmup. I’ll see you tomorrow where we’ll pay some special attention to our neck and shoulders.
See you on the mat!

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