In today’s video interview, I’m pleased to introduce you to Dana Falsetti, also known as Nolatrees online.

Dana is in New Orleans finishing her undergraduate degree, and has her sights set on yoga 24/7! You probably know her from Instagram, where she can be seen with her dynamic and challenging asana practice.

Dana is in vasisthasana - side plank with a variation where she grabs the toes of her top foot. She is dressed in brightly patterned leggings and a pink sports bra.

In this interview, I talked with Dana about her yoga story, yoga teacher training, never giving up, being your own best friend, and much more. Check it out:

Dana is super happy to announce that one of her favorite companies, Fractal 9, is starting up a sister company: Fractal 9 Plus! The new line launches this month and will feature curve-friendly designs, higher waistbands, and longer inseams on shorts. Use the code “fractal9plus” for 15% off your order!

Dana is in one-legged king pigeon pose. She reaches back behind her head and grabs her foot, which is touching her head. She is white with brown hair and dressed in purple patterned leggings and a black tank top.

Connect with Dana

You can find Dana around the internet at the following places:

YouTube | Instagram | Dana’s website