Ready for less pain, reduced anxiety, & feeling vibrant in your body?

Practicing gentle chair yoga can help you do all three.
Let me show you how.

Maybe some of this sounds familiar…

  • You want to move your body but you can’t figure out a way to do it that feels good
  • You want to feel less pain in your body
  • You’ve thought about trying yoga but figure it’s not for you because you think you’re too big, too old, too injured, or too disabled
  • You can’t get up and down off the floor but you’d like to try yoga
  • You feel stressed and would like a way to calm your mind and feel less anxiety
  • You’d like to find a movement practice that supports the body you’re in now (not a crazy workout plan that you have to work up to)

When I discovered yoga, it changed a lot for me. I found a gentle and fun way to move my body, I started feeling less pain, less anxiety, more calm, and I felt grounded and sure of myself.

In these yoga classes, I got to know my body. I learned to use yoga props, I learned to use the chair to adapt poses, and I learned that no matter your shape, size, age, or ability, you can practice yoga.

My yoga practice made me know in my bones that my body was a powerful, good, and safe place to be.

Fast-forward many years. I decided to become a yoga teacher. I became a yoga teacher because I never saw a teacher who looked like me in front of the class. I became a yoga teacher because I wanted other folks in bigger bodies to understand they could practice yoga. I wanted to show that yoga was not just for skinny, bendy, white girls.

Now I teach yoga full-time. And I understand how to work with humans of all shapes and sizes, especially people who don’t fit the dominant body identity in yoga classes.

The fact is: wellness is our birthright, all of us, and though it might look different for each one of us, we all deserve to find balance, inner peace, and equanimity.

If you’re ready to feel less pain, move your body in a joyful, gentle way, and reduce anxiety and stress, I’ve got an idea for you:

Let’s practice chair yoga together.

Image description: Photo of Amber grinning at the camera. She is a 37-year old fat, white woman with blue shoulder length hair, tattoos, and bangs. She is wearing glasses, denim overalls with one strap unfastened, a flannel shirt around her waist, and a black tank top. Photo by Teresa Earnest Photography
I’m Amber Karnes. I’m a yoga teacher, ruckus maker, social justice advocate, and the founder of Body Positive Yoga.

I’ve made it my life’s work to help folks just like you live better in the bodies they have today using the tools of yoga, mindfulness, and self-acceptance.

And I want to invite you to join me on a path toward feeling better in your body, feeling less stressed, and moving your body in a way that feels nourishing, joyful, and free.

I’ve put together a program for you: Chair Yoga with Amber Karnes.

There are 15 video classes built just for folks like you who are ready to get started with yoga in a gentle, affirming way. Plus audio recordings to help you relax and reduce stress.

Your chair practices are incredible

“I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your chair practice videos. I recently fractured my foot and was worried I couldn’t move my body until it was done healing. But your chair practices are incredible. My body feels wonderful, but my foot is safe. Thank you so, so much.”


Body Positive Yoga Member

Now I practice yoga everyday…

I never believed yoga was something I could do. I didn’t think my large body would be able to move in the way needed to reach the poses. But now I practice yoga everyday and am documenting my journey with raw photos. Without Body Positive Yoga I never would have had the confidence to try yoga let alone share pictures of myself practicing.”


Body Positive Yoga Member

Chair yoga with Amber Karnes

Chair Yoga with Amber Karnes is an online program to help you feel better in the body you have today.

Here are the online video classes you’ll get when you sign up.

Chair practice for the spine
25 minutes
Ease tight shoulders
17 minutes
10-minute yoga break
10 minutes
Core strengthening
20 minutes
Yoga for when you’re sick
20 minutes
Free your breath
22 minutes
Strong & confident chair practice
37 minutes
Combat stress & overwhelm
30 minutes
Seated full-body stretch
26 minutes
Building leg strength in a chair
11 minutes
Seated full-body stretch
26 minutes
Slow, mindful class with props
51 minutes
Morning warmup with a chair
23 minutes
Chair yoga at your desk
10 minutes
Strength-building practice
38 minutes
Plus you’ll get these guided meditation and relaxation audio recordings:
Tense & release relaxation exercise
14 minutes
Guided relaxation for anxiety
8 minutes
Body awareness grounding exercise
11 minutes

Get instant access: Pay what you can!

Step 1:

Make a donation if you wish to contribute, or skip straight to step 2 if you need access for free.
If you donate, you’ll be taken to a separate website. You’ll want to come back to this webpage to register for the program.

Step 2: 

Get instant access by registering for the program through the button below.

Feel Great!

“Just did the hour-long practice and feel great! After a session like that, I always feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz when he gets all oiled and polished up at the Emerald City, everything’s moving again.”


Really loved it

“I just did the hour long class from the first month and really loved it. I haven’t done yoga in a long time and it was just challenging enough, without making me feel defeated.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I sign up?
  • When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to your student portal.
  • In the portal you’ll have 15 chair yoga video classes, 3 guided audio recordings, plus tips from me on how to make the most out of your practice.
  • All videos are closed captioned.
  • You’ll have access to all of your videos, forever.
  • You can stream the videos through the online portal or download them onto your computer.
If I'm already a member of the Body Positive Clubhouse, do I need this program?
No. All content here also exists in the Body Positive Clubhouse portal. This is just a specially-curated collection of classes for folks who don’t want to join the Clubhouse, but who want to practice Chair Yoga with me.
I can't get up and down off the floor.
That’s okay. That’s kinda the beauty of practicing with a chair. You don’t need to get up and down off the floor at all. One of our classes has some (optional) floor moves but the rest of them are completely seated in a chair or standing behind the chair.
I can't stand for a long period of time (or at all).
That’s fine! About half the classes are completely seated (we don’t get up out of the chair at all). The rest have some standing and some seated poses. You can start where you are and do what you can and still get tremendous benefit from these classes.
I'm not a yoga person. Will I be able to keep up with the yoga classes?
Yes. The yoga classes are designed by me (Amber Karnes, founder of Body Positive Yoga).

I specialize in teaching an adaptive, inclusive yoga practice for diverse body types. I have been doing this a while, in fact I travel the world training other yoga teachers how to work with students of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. I’m also personally in a fat body (I’m a US size 24-ish) so I know what it’s like to practice in a body that doesn’t just fold up in a tiny ball.

My classes are low-pressure, judgment-free yoga. And all of these chair classes are designed with a person just like you in mind!

But I tried yoga and had a bad experience.
I get it. Me too. That’s why I became a yoga teacher.

I want you to know that if you had a bad experience in a class, or if the teacher ignored you, it’s not your fault. Your body is not the problem.

Most likely, the teacher didn’t have the tools they needed to help you take your practice into your own hands and adapt it to your unique body.

But I know how to help you do that, and I can’t wait to help you develop your own strong, stable, vibrant yoga practice.

I have a LOT of body limitations. Am I going to be able to do this?
Absolutely. Folks of all different body sizes, abilities, and ages are part of the Body Positive Yoga community. Many of us struggle with chronic pain, disability, injury, or limitation. We believe body diversity is part of normal human variability and that your body is not a problem to be solved.
I feel guilty spending time and money on myself.
Paying attention to ourselves is difficult, and lots of us have gotten the message at some point in our lives that self-care is selfish. This is some bullsh*t! I say, no more!

The coolest thing about body positivity and self-care for me is that in a world that tells us to hate our bodies and that our bodies aren’t worthy, that means engaging in self care is totally radical, rebellious, and revolutionary.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” -Audre Lorde

Putting our own basic human needs at the center of our lives is radical, especially for women, because traditionally the burden and responsibility for caring and raising children (and by extension our communities) is shouldered by women. This is even more true for women of color, who have spent generations in servitude to others or even as property. Self-care is a radical act.

Living for others is a quality so deeply ingrained in us, that it often translates into the complete abandonment of our own needs, which end up being less important than the needs of our children, partner, family, work, or community.

But self-care is a prerequisite for autonomy, so it is fundamentally important (especially as feminists) that we reject the patriarchal notion that women must neglect themselves in order to serve others.

You deserve to have this care for yourself. And I’ve got your back.

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” -Eleanor Brownn

I don't think I have time for this.
You can spend as much or as little time working with this material as you’ve got. From a few minutes every day to a couple times a month.

But I get feeling too overwhelmed to take time for self-care. I am a solo-business-owner and have a wealth of responsibilities and demands on my time.

I have found the best way to be effective, efficient, and accomplish my goals in life is to intentionally set aside time to take pause, recharge, and build back up my emotional reserves.

You deserve this. If you are feeling the pull to join us, commit! Show up for yourself. Prove to yourself that you can trust yourself and your body.

You can set aside time to move your body. This movement will help you come away stronger and ready to face the world.

What if I need help?
You being happy with your membership is my number one priority. Seriously. This is my life’s work and I am committed to making sure you get the most out of your experience here.

If you have technical issues or need any other help, just email me at and I’ll take care of you.

I hope you’ll join this inner circle of like-minded and like-hearted folks today! We are ready for you!

I make better choices in regards to food and life

“I have noticed myself responding not reacting so much & when I do react to situations quite often (not always!) I recognise that I’m reacting & I can tell myself to calm down and take a pause. Brilliant!

And even if I only do a short practice…my body says thank you & sings for a while afterwards. When I’m practicing consistently I make better choices in regard to food & other life things. And that’s a big win!”


Body Positive Yoga Member

I feel like I’m doing yoga with a friend

“Before I joined the Body Positive Clubhouse and went on a yoga retreat with Amber I was unable to sustain a consistent yoga practice.

But now I feel eager to get on the mat and kick off my day with empowering movement and grounding practices.

I feel like I’m doing yoga with a friend when working with Amber.”


Body Positive Yoga Member

Are you ready?

Are you ready to take the first step toward feeling better in your body and feeling more peaceful in your mind? Let’s do this together. You don’t have to do it alone.