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Hero pose (virasana) modifications and prop variations

Hero pose (virasana) can be challenging and uncomfortable for lots of us. Maybe you’re experiencing knee pain, ankle pain, trouble sitting on the floor (or a block) between your heels, or a sense of “hanging” and instability in this pose. You are not alone! Let’s look at some prop setups that will make this pose more accessible for many bodies.

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Modifications for Garudasana (eagle pose) in a larger body

If you are in a larger body, perhaps you’ve groaned with frustration when your yoga teacher announces that the next pose is garudasana (eagle pose). The wrapping and tucking thighs and arms just doesn’t happen for those of us with bigger thighs, arms, or chests! Here are 4 variations for the legs and 4 variations for the arms – see what feels best in your body and create your own eagle combination!

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7 simple tips to fit yoga into your day

We are all busy. Between juggling work, kids, errands, and household responsibilities, fitting yoga into our crammed schedules can sometimes seem like an impossibility. Here are 7 simple tips to fit yoga into your day, whether you have a big chunk of time or just a few minutes here and there.

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Modifications for child’s pose (balasana)

Child’s pose (balasana) is a posture in yoga that is often mentioned as a “resting pose” but for those of us in larger bodies, it can be anything but restful. Without enhancements or modifications to the pose, you can end up short of breath, with too much pressure in the face, or even a serious strain or injury to the neck. Let’s look at modifications for this pose.

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