Category: Self-care

Your guide to creating shame-free New Year’s Resolutions

Have you noticed that most New Year’s resolutions are soaked in shame and self-blame? Like me, maybe you’re tired of shame-based goals and the inevitable failure that comes with them (followed by beating yourself up for failing again). I’ve got good news: You can set goals for yourself to help you have the best year ever, and they don’t have to be based in shame or self-blame.

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Gift guide: 9 perfect ways to give the gift of self-care

The holiday season is upon us, and I bet you know some folks in your life that could spend a little more time on self-care. I usually find that the folks that need it the most are the ones who “never find the time” for it. I put this gift guide together for you so you can find the perfect little thing for someone in your life that needs a little more self-lovin’.

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