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Your guide to creating shame-free New Year’s Resolutions

Have you noticed that most New Year’s resolutions are soaked in shame and self-blame? Like me, maybe you’re tired of shame-based goals and the inevitable failure that comes with them (followed by beating yourself up for failing again). I’ve got good news: You can set goals for yourself to help you have the best year ever, and they don’t have to be based in shame or self-blame.

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You don’t have to love your body.

Learning to appreciate your physical appearance and learning to love your body is one path toward self-acceptance, but fixating on just the outer stuff is another trip down the same road of placing value and worth on appearance.

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Body acceptance is a road less traveled

Body acceptance is a road less traveled. The roadsigns are television, movies, people we emulate in magazines, advertisements that don’t say I am enough, but that I am too much. My goal is giving myself sustenance from the well I create with others. I think that’s the major difference between self-rule and being exploited. And this mixed message is a gift disguised as failure.

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Bad at Running: A Quiet Paradise

After six years, I can tell you I still really suck at it. I never get faster. My stride doesn’t really improve. I have not become graceful or efficient. Doing something I’m shitty at has been one of the best things I’ve ever done at all.

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Chronically surrendering

In this guest post from my dear friend Genevieve, she writes about how chronic illness has given her a new perspective on what body image means and how she views herself as a person living in a body.

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