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Couldn’t recommend this enough!

“I did three trainings this month and this one was the most beneficial. It was organized. I felt like I spent my money well with regards to content, set up, organization and I felt that the program was planned and thought out well before the presentation. We discussed topics around language and accessibility that I never got in teacher training and that impresses to me the importance of additional training and the experience of working with new instructors along my yoga journey. Couldn’t recommend Amber’s training enough!”

Kim G.

Yoga Instructor

Body Positive Yoga Teacher Intensives

Teacher intensives are customizable: I can lead a 4 hour workshop, full-day workshop, a module in your existing Yoga Teacher Training program, or 2-day weekend intensive. 

Learn how to craft and language a yoga class that is truly welcoming for students of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Yoga teachers’ workshops with me will include both practical asana instruction and discussion. Together, we’ll explore how to create inclusive, welcoming, and equitable spaces, and examine how to break down barriers to wellness.

We’ll debunk stereotypes and discuss how to create an environment of safety, agency, and consent. We’ll also explore common challenges faced by larger-bodied students. We’ll practice asana modifications and ways to use yoga props to help your students get the most out of your class.

I will speak from my experience as both a larger-bodied yoga student and teacher, and together we’ll build a toolbox to make your classes more welcoming and inclusive. Bring any and all questions that you might hesitate to ask your students about how to make the practice work for them – we’ll troubleshoot them together in this body-positive yoga lab setting.

I am a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education provider and offer contact hours for all teacher intensives.

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Body Positive Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training

Body Positive Yoga Teacher Training is a 200-hour yoga teacher certification facilitated by Body Positive Yoga founder Amber Karnes.

This training incorporates accessible, adaptive yoga asana practice, intersectional feminist and social justice principles, addresses working with marginalized communities and outside the “yoga studio-industrial complex”, and operates from a body-positive, Health at Every Size perspective.

Aspiring yoga teachers as well as yoga practitioners looking to deepen their own personal practice are all welcome.

This training is in the planning stages. Click here to fill out a brief survey so I can serve you better. You’ll also be the first to know when enrollment opens.

Body Positive Yoga Workshop for students

4-hour workshop
This workshop is designed especially for yoga practitioners in large (plus-size, curvy, fat) bodies. If you want to be empowered to step into any class with confidence, knowing you have the tools to make yoga work for your body, this learning intensive is for you!

Together, we’ll explore things like: How to keep your chest out of your face, twisting and folding when you have a belly, and other “sticky spots” like sun salutations and inversions. We’ll also talk about how to find a yoga class and teacher that work for you, and how to bring joy back into your movement practice. We’ll help each other find safe alignment and freedom in poses, learn to use props and pose variations to personalize our practice, and have some laughs along the way. Yoga teachers who’d like to learn modifications for your larger students are also welcome!

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Inversions for Bigger Bodies

3-hour workshop
In this workshop, I’ll demystify inversions for yoga practitioners in bigger bodies. We’ll discover lots of options for inversions (there’s way more than just headstand!) and cover things like how to keep your chest out of your face, how to use props to get upside down, supported inversion options, building strength for things like headstand and handstand, and more.

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Exploring Sun Salutations

3 hour workshop
Sun salutations can feel wonderful or frustrating depending on your body type, level of strength, and range of motion. Since this foundational yoga sequence is in many classes and workshops, let’s learn pose variations and modifications to make the movements safe and enjoyable for all bodies. This workshop is appropriate for all levels, from brand new beginners to more experienced practitioners. You will leave with *your* customized sun salutation so you can walk into any yoga class and practice confidently.

Yoga teachers are also welcome who would like to learn modifications for students in larger bodies, those dealing with injuries, or beginners.

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Radical Self-Acceptance

2-hour lecture & facilitated discussion
With thousands of images of “perfection” shot at us every day, it can be easy to compare ourselves with others and internalize the constant judgment and scrutiny of our bodies. Even during our yoga practice, it’s often easy to compare ourselves to the “ideal” body or look. Whether you’re at home, at the gym, at the yoga studio, or just moving around in the world, feeling self-conscious or even hateful toward your (normal! human! imperfect!) body is sometimes unavoidable. Drawing on mind-body, self-awareness, and practical self-care techniques, we’ll discover ways to boost confidence, get in touch with our inner badass, and foster a healthy self image.

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The Wayfinder Mandala: What’s your why?

2 hour workshop
What’s calling to you right now? It’s natural to feel pulled in lots of directions—torn between many different purposes, interests, career paths, relationships, and types of “impact” you want to have. Knowing what is guiding you (your “why”) is not a one-time reflection but an ongoing process. If you really take this in, this is great news; it means that you don’t have to know The Answers, you just need to know how to keep taking purposeful steps forward. The Wayfinder Mandala will help you do that by giving you a powerful visual metaphor and clear structure for seeing the many parts of you at once. It will help you be your own best guide for many years to come.

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