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On the Body Positive Yogacast, Amber Karnes (creator of Body Positive Yoga) gathers together with movement experts, yoga teachers, and other body nerds to discuss how to live better in the body you have today.

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Creative coach Heidi Bennett on self-compassion & the creative process

Creative coach Heidi Bennett on self-compassion & the creative process

Get to know me a little better in this episode! Heidi Bennett (a coach for “multi-creatives”) and I have been longtime internet buddies, and in this episode, we’ll interview each other about our creative landscapes and adventures in DIY, then talk a bit about self-compassion and how it plays into things like creativity, body peace, and self-care. Finally, get a sneak peek of our 2018 retreat, Camp Wildflower!

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Online Yoga Classes for You!

Yoga for the body you have today! Make peace with your body, discover your strength, and gain confidence with Body Positive Yoga online – a monthly membership site with yoga classes, inspirational self-care, and more!

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Sun Salutations for YOUR body

Lunge with blocks

Learn how to “choose your own adventure” when it comes to sun salutations. Whether you practice seated, at the wall, with a chair, or on the mat with props, you will learn your customized sun salutation so you can move into any yoga class and practice confidently, no matter what the teacher is cueing at the front of the class.

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