Body Positive Yoga Free Plan

Welcome to the free plan! Here are your videos!

Tracking sensation in the body

In this 45-minute, active, full-body practice, we’ll track sensation throughout the body. This mindfulness technique helps foster a mind-body connection and develop “the witness” to let us learn to observe the world without judgment or story.

Slow, mindful class with props

Let’s explore some common yoga poses using props for more freedom and expansion! This class begins with mindful flows using the chair as a prop, progresses into strengthening standing poses, and leaves you with a backbend, twist, and a relaxing savasana. You will need a chair without arms, two blocks, and a strap for this class.

Malasana (yoga squat)

Discover why you might be having trouble in malasana, and a few prop setups that will help.

Dancing warrior flow

In this video, we’ll explore variations on Warrior 2 in a slow dancing warrior flow.

Sun salutations with a chair

Have trouble getting up and down off the floor or being on hands and knees? Learn to do sun salutations using one of my favorite props: a chair!

Seated sun salutations

For this variation on sun salutations, we’ll remain seated for the entire sequence. Enjoy the full-body warmup without getting up and down off the floor.

Sun salutations

Let’s practice sun salutations together! Want a longer practice? Watch this video a few times in a row to memorize the sequence and get a generous sweat going!

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