Justine Mastin: geek wellness, YogaQuest, and the power of stories

On today’s podcast I’m talking to Justine Mastin, MA, LMFT, LADC, E-RYT 200, YACEP,¬†and creator of YogaQuest. We’re discussing Justine’s yoga story, YogaQuest, why geeks need their own specialized wellness practices and spaces, and the power of narrative. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek at our Tolkien-themed yoga retreat this fall in Minnesota!

How to find a yoga class that’s right for you

Want to try yoga for the first time or step into a yoga studio, but feel intimidated? I’ve got some tips for finding a class that’s right for you! In this video I’ll talk about deciphering yoga class descriptions, how to reach out beforehand to make sure the studio or class is welcoming to you, what questions to ask, and more.

Free your breath: Seated chair yoga class

In this 20-minute completely seated chair practice, we’ll free the breath by focusing on heart openers, backbends, and gentle vinyasa flows. We’ll also work with an affirmation to remind ourselves that we are sufficient just as we are.

Your guide to creating shame-free New Year’s Resolutions

Have you noticed that most New Year’s resolutions are soaked in shame and self-blame? Like me, maybe you’re tired of shame-based goals and the inevitable failure that comes with them (followed by beating yourself up for failing again). I’ve got good news: You can set goals for yourself to help you have the best year ever, and they don’t have to be based in shame or self-blame.

Kelley Carboni-Woods: mindful motherhood, self-care, and yoga

In this episode, I’ll talk to Kelley about her mindful approach to motherhood and how her yoga practice keeps her in a peaceful place while raising two independent little humans. We’ll talk about the importance of self-care and why it’s crucial, especially for women of color. And finally, you’ll hear all about Kelley’s book Manifest, and get a sneak peek into our online course and our 2018 retreat in northern Georgia!

Gift guide: 9 perfect ways to give the gift of self-care

The holiday season is upon us, and I bet you know some folks in your life that could spend a little more time on self-care. I usually find that the folks that need it the most are the ones who “never find the time” for it. I put this gift guide together for you so you can find the perfect little thing for someone in your life that needs a little more self-lovin’.

How to be grateful for your body (even when it feels impossible)

Body acceptance in our culture is a tall order even on the best of days, but it becomes even more complicated when we are in pain, disabled, or have limitations that affect us. Let’s talk about ways to appreciate the body we have even when it’s not the body we want.

Creative coach Heidi Bennett on self-compassion & the creative process

Get to know me a little better in this episode! Heidi Bennett (a coach for “multi-creatives”) and I have been longtime internet buddies, and in this episode, we’ll interview each other about our creative landscapes and adventures in DIY, then talk a bit about self-compassion and how it plays into things like creativity, body peace, and self-care. Finally, get a sneak peek of our 2018 retreat, Camp Wildflower!

Sun salutations with a chair

Have trouble getting up and down off the floor or being on hands and knees? Learn to do sun salutations using one of my favorite props: a chair!