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Be empowered to make the deep, actionable changes

“The need for more diversity, accessibility and equity in the yoga world is deep and urgent. When tools that are intended for healing become inaccessible to all but the most privileged in a society they are no longer tools that support healing; they become weapons that give power to the oppressive tendencies of the dominant culture.

“Amber Karnes has been doing the work to decolonize her practice and teaching both on the micro level (in her own heart and body) and on the macro level (in her community and online spaces) for a long time. With Amber as your guide on the path to bring TRUE inclusivity and accessibility to your yoga community you won’t just just offer lip service to diversity by saying, “Everyone is Welcome!”. You will come to see how the problems in the yoga community are representative of the problems in our society at large and you will be empowered to make the deep, actionable changes that our world so badly needs.”

Francesca Cervero

Teacher Trainer, Creator of "The Science of the Private Lesson", Washington, DC