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I’ve got some goodies for you today. But first I need to say thank you.

Thank you for putting your trust in me and being part of this rebellion.

I hope you were able to get to know yourself just a little better.

I hope you had at least a few minutes to feel at home in your body and realize that it’s a good and safe place to be.

I hope you learned that you can trust your body. That you don’t need some “expert” or a diet plan to tell you when to eat or how to move, because that wisdom has been inside you since the day you were wonderfully made.

I hope you’re dedicated to unlearning the lies that systems of oppression have fed to us, and relearning the truth about who you really are

And most of all, I hope that you feel supported, seen, and held. You’re not in this alone!

I hope that you feel equipped to move boldly into the rest of this year, showing up and living out loud.

Thank you for being here. I have three gifts for you.

Body Positive Rebellion WorkbookFirst, here’s a printable workbook with everything we learned in the Rebellion this week. It includes all the writings, links to video and audio, and the reflections with room to write – all compiled into a beautiful printable layout.

Download the workbook here

The second thing I have for you is a brand new 20-minute yoga practice I created just for the Body Positive Rebellion. This is a chill practice that will help you de-stress, wind down, and feel better in your body.

You can watch the video and follow along, or download the video and do it on your own time. It’s yours to keep.

The third gift is a 1-minute grounding meditation that you can do anytime and anywhere to come home to yourself.

Come home to your body. It belongs to you, after all. And it’s a good, powerful, and safe place to be.


Listen: You deserve representation and support in a circle of diverse, vibrant, fully human, feminist, Body Positive rebels.

And I’ve got good news.

There’s a bunch of us forging a positive path over at the Body Positive Clubhouse.

It’s is an interactive, monthly membership to an inner circle folks just like you AND an online vault of my best body positivity, self-acceptance, yoga and mindfulness resources. Check it out.