Time Weavers Retreat

for women who want to
redefine their relationship with time
and lay claim to their optimal rhythm

presented by Body Positive Yoga

at Sagrada Wellness

San Luis Obispo, California
September 21-24, 2017

Your relationship with time dictates how you navigate your life and your world.

If you find yourself constantly saying, “I don’t have enough time to get it all done,” then I created this retreat just for you.

  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed, burned out, exhausted, and depleted, you belong here.
  • If you run out of energy before you run out of hours in the day, you belong here.
  • If you run out of hours in the day before you run out of things to do, you belong here.
  • If you spend any second of free time on your responsibilities, your family, taking on extra work – anything but yourself, you belong here.
  • If you are constantly saying, “I’ll take care of it,” even though you don’t know how you’ll make it work, you belong here.
  • If you feel like life has left you behind, and you really don’t have a choice in things, you belong here.
  • If you feel unfocused, frantic, and desperate to find a better way through life than in constant chaos and overwhelm, you belong here.

This retreat is your opportunity to unplug, examine your relationship with time, restructure your life and your schedule on your own terms, and give space to your desires and needs.

Sagrada Wellness

I’d recommend this retreat to a friend because it was such a nourishing experience – I felt my body and soul get stronger, I felt my intentions take a more meaningful shape, I felt refueled. Plus, all the lovely people there are so supportive and made me feel like I had found a new community.


I felt like my world opened up and I was not limited by my body. I learned to make my body work for me and it was liberating. I also made lasting friendships and shared a lot of laughs!



If you want to practice yoga, but can’t find a teacher that knows how to accommodate your unique body, you’re in the right place.

Over the weekend, you’ll learn how to use props to enhance your practice and find freedom and expansion in poses. You’ll learn mindfulness and self-care tools that will strengthen your mind and your courage.


How does this sound? Time away from the distractions and stress of everyday life – either alone or with your friends – to rest, relax, and rejuvenate in the beautiful hills of central California.

Enjoy the quiet beauty of 45 acres of preserved land, hike and take in the breathtaking scenery, or just relax in the hot tub and gaze up at the stars.


Sagrada Wellness is a digital detox environment. There is no internet connection, offering you the opportunity to connect to a deeper state of mind, replenishing the optimal version of you.

As we take stock of and redefine our relationship with time, we’ll eliminate distractions to really get in touch with our deepest desires and give space to, “what do I want my life to look like?”

What’s included

You can participate as little or as much as you’d like! Even if you take part in every planned activity, you’ll still have plenty of time to rest, read, draw, paint, craft, relax in the hot tub, go on a meditative walk through nature, explore the beautiful hills, take a nap, or just sit and chat with new friends.

This is a sample schedule, subject to change.

Register and settle in
Opening Circle
Restorative yoga & guided relaxation
Stargazing in the pool
Morning “choose your own adventure” sun salutations
Workshop: Taking stock & setting intentions
On-site free time and beach trip
Evening yoga and guided relaxation
Morning yoga workshop: Make yoga work for your body
Workshop: Finding your own rhythm and approaching time on your terms
On-site free time or beach trip
Evening yoga and guided relaxation
Morning yoga
Closing circle
Goodbyes and checkout


In the 60 days following the retreat, we’ll have a group coaching call where we will reconnect, call out for support, share your progress or blockers, and get insight and encouragement from Amber. This is like a mega-shot of espresso to energize you and remotivate you to move toward your desires.


When you enroll, you’ll be part of a private Facebook group where you can connect with the other folks attending the retreat to plan activities, share travel, and get excited for the event. It’s also a great place to keep in touch after the retreat with the friends you’ll make.


Let the world know you’re body positive with a Body Positive Yoga shirt. We’ll have several colors to choose from in sizes XS-5XL.

About Sagrada Wellness

Sagrada’s mission is to be a model of sustainability, a place where people renew and remember the art of being.

Sagrada Wellness is a digital detox environment. There is no internet connection, offering you the opportunity to connect to a deeper state of mind, replenishing the optimal version of you.

The 45-acre mountain sanctuary is dedicated to peace and awakened doing. Sagrada strives to be a low impact business, supporting a positive planetary shift.

Sagrada is 100% solar powered – fueled by the suns brilliant rays, committed to real and organic foods, and living with feathery creatures that present us with qi filled eggs every morning.

At the heart of the ranch is an organic herb garden. In the summer they grow heirloom tomatoes, lettuces and herbs. Olive and fruit trees are integrated throughout Sagrada. They are committed to purchasing certified organic vegetables, grains and oils. They believe that when it comes to the health and well being of their guests and communities, organics should be the first and only choice. They utilize the nitrogen rich chicken manure for the fruit trees and garden and never spray herbicides, pesticides or any synthetic chemicals, which are harmful to the environment, the immediate watershed and ourselves.

We are stewards of this land and believe in the deeply sacred power of this place. With our sweet legacy, the fertile land and space, we honor the importance of living balanced and positive lives.


Sagrada’s accommodations are in their architecturally designed modern farmhouse retreat. The newly constructed home designed by co-owner and Architect Scott Currie has a contemporary, rustic, country aesthetic that offers you a special place to reflect on peace, awareness, and rejuvenation in the majestic and natural landscape.

Purified spring water and an abundance of fresh local fruit is always available. A cool cleanse in Sagrada’s outdoor shower is refreshing after yoga, or a walk on one of Sagrada’s nature trails. Sagrada’s all-inclusive retreat is designed around a landscaped courtyard, where guests can enjoy their meals, or a glass of wine at sunset. At the end of the day relax in the hot tub under our starry night skies.

Private Rooms have a queen size bed with comfy linens and open onto a spacious patio with gorgeous ranch views. Bathrooms (shared) are across the hall and are accented with Italian tiles, reclaimed barn wood from our property and modern waterfall showers. Bathrooms are cleaned daily and fresh towels are always provided. We use environmentally friendly laundry detergent and sun dry whenever possible.

The Communal Room is a shared accommodation in our sunny mountain vista room. A large outside patio with gorgeous views is the ideal space for journaling, chatting with new friends or meditating on all of Sagrada’s nature sounds.

The communal room has a sitting area, plenty of cubby spaces for your clothes, toiletries and yoga gear, and a large bathroom. Bathrooms are cleaned daily and fresh towels are always provided.


The Sagrada Kitchen is organic, vegetarian and mainly gluten free. They spend a lot of time menu planning for each retreat and shopping at our local farmers markets and health food stores to supplement the fresh produce from their organic garden. The cuisine is rustic yet gourmet and is served family style. The meals are prepared fresh each day with great attention to flavor and quality.

The menus are inspired by the best of what the garden produces. Each morning they serve strong organic coffee, their own free range organic eggs with sprouted bread and jelly, sliced tomatoes, yogurt and their famous homemade granola. You’ll return home stimulated and inspired to cook great meals at home for yourselves, your family, and friends.

They serve their favorite modest local wines throughout the retreat. Please bring any wines that you would like to share with the group and add them to the mix. Every afternoon Eva blends a fresh tea with organic herbs to create a fresh and vibrant herbal beverage.

“I was pretty skeptical about what to expect, despite having signed up on a last minute whim. I deal with social anxiety and struggle to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to meeting new people. This was a great opportunity to challenge my own insecurities and do so in a supportive environment with other women who face the same internal conflicts.”

“Being in a community of intelligent, authentic and like minded, yet diverse women is exceptionally empowering. To know there are others out there that you can identify with, learn from, and share community with is so impactful and can be carried with you in everyday life wherever you go.”


Hey, I’m Amber Karnes, creator of Body Positive Yoga.

Yoga has been an integral part of my decade-long journey toward self-acceptance and body positivity – making peace with my body and helping others to do the same.

In my teaching, I emphasize safe alignment and mindful transitions, and help you give yourself permission to honor the body you bring to the mat today, while also being empowered to learn about the body’s intelligence and power. I infuse my classes with the foundational principles of inclusivity, agency, consent, body positivity, and self-acceptance.

By practicing yoga, using mindfulness, being supported by a community of others who “get” you, and utilizing self-care practices, you can learn radical self-acceptance and positively experience your body.

Are you ready to take the first step toward reclaiming your time and laying claim to your optimal rhythm? Lets do this together at Time Weavers. Will you join us?


You’ll be sharing space with other women who “get you”, who understand what it’s like to be overstretched and under-nourished. Who know what it’s like to feel like there’s never time for the things that recharge us, things like self-acceptance, self care, yoga, or nature.

We only have spots for 11 women at this retreat.

We will take stock of our current relationship with time, learn time mastery skills that move beyond “productivity” and get at the root of chronic busy-ness and overwork. We’ll discover our priorities and optimal rhythm, and we’ll leave with a plan for aligned action and focused presence.


  • Your brain tells you there is always more to do
  • You lie awake at night running through to-do lists in your head, telling yourself that you didn’t accomplish enough today
  • You feel like your time doesn’t belong to you, that life leaves you behind, and you don’t have a choice in the matter
  • You think “work/life balance” is a joke, possibly a myth
  • People tell you, “the world won’t end if you don’t get it all done,” but they just don’t understand you
  • You’re in survival mode. You feel too exhausted to think about how to even begin to reclaim your time
  • You feel guilty or unsure about things like self-care, free time, exercise, nourishment, and rest
  • You want to have time away from the distractions and stress of everyday life – either alone or with your friends to rest, relax, and rejuvenate
  • You are hungry for the luxurious feeling of being supported by women who deeply understand where you’re coming from
  • You’re willing to approach your body, your relationship with time, and be attentive to this issue with curiosity and inquiry

If you’re at all concerned that this retreat might not be right for you, or if you need special accommodations, don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.


Your retreat fee includes:

  • All yoga classes and workshops
  • Your accommodations (4 days and 3 nights at Sagrada Wellness)
  • On-site activities
  • Delicious and nourishing meals: Thursday night dinner, Friday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast
  • Private Facebook community
  • Group coaching call after the retreat
  • Body Positive Yoga t-shirt

Fee does not include:

  • Transportation to the retreatTransportation to off-site activities (we will arrange carpools for those that want to venture out)
  • Transportation to off-site activities (we will arrange carpools for those that want to venture out)
  • Admission to off-site activities or events

There are 2 spots left at this retreat!

2 LEFT – Option 4: Communal Room, 6 full-size beds – $895
SOLD OUT Option 3: Loft Shared Space, 2 full-size beds – $895
SOLD OUT Private Suite Queen – $1,295 single, $995 double
SOLD OUT Option 2: Private Suite Twin – $995

Balance is due in full by August 7, 2017. Please carefully read the cancellation policy below before registering.


Before July 15: If you need to cancel for any reason, we will refund the amount paid minus a $50 administrative fee.

July 15 – August 15: There are no refunds, but you may transfer your paid spot to another person, sending a friend or family member to the retreat in your place for a $50 admin fee (to be paid by original attendee).

If the retreat is sold out, and you are unable to find someone to take your place, we’ll invite someone from the waitlist. If we are able to find a replacement, we’ll refund the amount paid minus a $50 administrative fee.

After August 15: No refunds or transfers

“I felt more open and free than I’ve ever felt in my life. Never have I felt more comfortable with myself and my surroundings than I did that weekend. I’ve taken this sense of self-acceptance and love with me and have reflected on my experience daily. I’m trying to keep those good vibes alive!”

“Thank you so much, Amber, for organizing such an amazing weekend. The stars aligned and brought so many beautiful souls together in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I am so thankful for the chance to meet you and all of the other campers – what a wonderful network we’ve created!”

“I enjoyed this retreat immensely. The friendships I made, the yoga I learned, and the experience will stay with me a lifetime. My practice feels more my own now and I feel comfortable continuing what I learned and incorporating it into my current and future practice. Amber is a phenomenal teacher and makes yoga feel like a natural part of life. Your feedback and your guidance made me feel good about yoga and my body. Anne-Marie and Lisa were exceptional and I hope they come back next year. There help and their corrections were key in helping me learn and grow as a yogi!”

“I felt extremely safe and the modifications that were given were very helpful to my overall practice. Also, the physical adjustments were key to helping me understand what a pose should truly feel like and I feel that I can now get myself to the correct pose(s) more successfully.”