I know I’m not the only fat yogi who runs into a couple sticky spots during surya namaskar.

I’ve put together a short video that shows several modification options for sun salutations including:

  • How to prevent your boobs from suffocating you
  • Making more room in forward folds
  • Getting your hands to the floor (or blocks)
  • Options for plank, lowering to the floor, and the backbend
  • Down dog alternatives
  • Getting your foot forward into a lunge from downward facing dog

Watch the video

Want more help with sun salutations?

A big thank you goes out to my friend Lisa Meer, one of my yoga teachers, who helped me with filming and also demonstrated a lovely sun salutation without modifications at the beginning of the video. Lisa has put together her own video on the classical variation of surya namaskar and she really breaks down each pose. I recommend watching it to get some great direction on refining each pose.