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Keeping a neutral pelvis – what does that mean?

Here's a quickie on alignment! We had a question on the Body Positive Yoga Facebook page today about what "keeping the pelvis in a neutral position" means. You probably will hear that in a yoga class and ... yeah - what the heck does it mean?! I found this picture...

Yoga for low back pain during pregnancy

I hear that pregnancy can be pretty miserable on the body, and two of my sisters have asked me how to relieve some of their low back pain while pregnant. I put together a list of my favorite stretches, sequences, and strengthening exercises that can help.

How yoga healed the relationship with my body

From the very first class, the one where my tracksuit pants flapped all over the place and so did my limbs, and, to be honest, my belly, yoga gave me relief from myself. The worrying, obsessing, self-hating internal dialogue stopped for an hour, and for a few hours after that too. I hadn’t had a moment’s break from that since I was eight years old. It felt so great.

Yoga and the unexpected road to "perfect"

Gotta admit it, when I first started yoga, I wanted to be perfect. To be perfect, I needed to be thin, happy, flexible, and have a dogmatic aversion to gluten and fast food. And in my usual perfectionist, overachieving fashion, I opted to apply for the four month volunteer program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, instead of taking a beginner class. I was ready for the fast track and I was desperate.

Modifications for pigeon pose

Knee pain or other trouble with pigeon pose? Here are some modifications that work well for beginners or plus size yogis with larger bodies.

Cultivating self-love and writing to heal with Mara Glatzel

Today I'm super excited to introduce you to one of my favorite people: Mara Glatzel. Mara is a self-love coach, a writer, the author of Medicinal Marzipan - one of my favorite blogs about body image and self acceptance, and also author of the brand new book Body...

Permission to Curve

Author's note: this post is a guest contribution by Anna Guest-Jelley of Curvy Yoga. I have a hang-up about permission. For some reason, I am always seeking it – often unconsciously. When I first started practicing yoga, this is pretty much all I did. I was constantly...

Why I quit dieting

I have tried a lot of diets in my life. Atkins, vegan, Weight Watchers, counting calories, Weigh Down Workshops, Paleo, Zone, South Beach, food logs. I've worked with nutritionists and therapists. I've done the shakes, the herbal supplements, the cleanses. I've spent...

Downward facing dog: A guide for plus size yogis & beginners

Adho mukha svanasana. What a mouthful. Even the english translation, downward-facing dog, is a lot to say. Down dog is one of the most widely recognized yoga postures, but it's also a complicated one. Down dog works the whole body, and can build strength, increase...

7 steps to stop comparing yourself to others during yoga

It's happened to all of us. You show up on the yoga mat, you're sitting there waiting for class to start, and she comes in. This ethereal creature who appears to be floating across the floor. She's got that "yoga body" - willowy, bendy - her hair is shining and in a...

Letter to my teenage self | Teen Week 2012

Hey, it’s the 30-year old you. I know you probably don’t want to hear from me, but I have some stuff to tell you, so stop rolling your eyes and listen up. I want to talk to you about being weird, boys, boobs, fat, dieting, and how life gets way, way better.

Sun Salutation modifications for plus size bodies

I’ve put together a short video that shows several modification options for sun salutations including: How to prevent your boobs from suffocating you, making more room in forward folds, getting your hands to the floor (or blocks), options for plank, lowering to the floor, and the backbend, down dog alternatives, and getting your foot forward into a lunge from downward facing dog

Stop postponing your life until you lose the weight

Please stop waiting for some magic moment (that may never happen) to come around. Some magic moment where you are tall, thin, have smooth skin, no cellulite, have a voice that doesn’t sound annoying when you hear yourself recorded. Just show up. Just go do what you love. Stop worrying about whether or not you look cool or nerdy or fat or stupid. You look fine. Your body is fine. You are the only one judging yourself as harshly as you are.

Yoga at home: an easy, 5-minute breathing inquiry

Inquiry: Honoring the body through breath Make sure you have five to ten minutes to yourself in a quiet place. You can do this outdoors, sitting on your couch, lying on the yoga mat with knees bent and feet on the floor (partial recline), anywhere you are comfortable....

30-minute anywhere, anytime yoga podcast for beginners

This practice can be done just about anywhere. You will need: A yoga mat (optional, but it's nice to have a little something between yourself and the floor) A bolster, folded blanket, firm cushion, or rolled up towel to sit on Half an hour I hope you enjoy...